Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sprouting witches

Trinity Broadcasting , long controlled by Kabbalists , has always pushed its charismatic Shekinah associated with Malkhut , which grows sprouts of secrets . This helps the Talmudists who are continually receiving new revelations of the occult Oral Torah , which  " shall begin to sprout ...and the light of the written Torah shall once again shine its rays upon it ." For Alice Bailey's  Masonic/Kabbalist U.N. rays are of extreme importance . Kabbalists , as usual , misrepresent God's word by using " sprout " rather than  "spring " in Psalm 85:11 which reads ; " Truth shall spring out of the earth ; and righteousness shall look down from heaven . "

The only "sprout " in Strong's concordance is Job14:7 which reads ; " For there is hope of a tree if it be cut down that it will sprout again , and that the tender branch thereof will not cease . " Most Bibles use " spring " in Psalm 85:11 . There are only a few that replace it with " sprout " . They are ; The International Standard Version , The Aramaic Bible In Plain English , and God's Word Translated . The Kabbalah's greatest book , the Zohar is composed in Aramaic .

According to " Kabbalah 201.14 ( Nun ) , Death planted a " sprout . "  Nun , ( sprout ) , is the 14th letter of the Alef Bet , and the 24th Path in the 32 Paths of Wisdom . Paths are an integral aspect of Alice Bailey's occult United Nations Masonic agenda . Nun symbolizes a sprouting plant . Kabbalism , ( Masonry ) , is founded on secrets , as is all deeply serious witchcraft . According to Cordovero , the secrets are grown in an apple orchard of Shekinah and then harvested by the havrayye , the reapers of the field , who constantly create new interpretations of Torah , ( Talmud ) . The mystical encounter with Torah yields not only secret knowledge but creativity ; the ability to imagine and formulate the secret , to fashion it into new-ancient words . Malkhut is called the Apple orchard , and She grows " sprouts of secrets " and innovations of Torah . According to Kabbalists on the net " sprout " is mentioned in ; Zohar verses 193a , 153b , 188a , 216a and 227 a .

The several Sprout programs I have viewed strongly push witchcraft through the use of spells and fairy wands and budding tree branches ,( mimicking Aaron's rod that budded ) , that serve as wands . Kabbalists love to simply point the bare pointer finger at people to cast spells . This was done constantly by Trinity Broadcasting personalities as they were conversing only a few feet from each other , continually pointing at the person with whom they were speaking . It used to be impolite to point at people , but witchcraft has made it posh .

When Moses confronted Pharaoh's witches his rod became a serpent . This stunned Moses so much that he fled from the rod . God used it to demonstrate his power over serpents . Today , children are being taught to learn spells and practice pointing rods to indoctrinate them into witchcraft . Dragons and serpents representing good , are constantly injected into children's programming , giving them no chance other than proper Biblical instruction to escape witchcraft's ubiquitous snare .

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