Wednesday, May 16, 2012

David Jeremiah's Detriments

                                                   David Jeremiah’s Detriments

Lauds and advertises for the Trinity Broadcasting Network .

Proud to be associated with the liar Tim LaHaye who tells Christians they may receive the mark of the beast and still go to heaven ; ( Tim LaHaye who prays with Benny Hinn on the TBN network . )

Unashamedly promotes “ The Eye of Horus “ which appears to include the Masonic apron within it , as well as other demonic symbols .

Unashamedly displays the Wiccan god and goddess signs , as well as the horned hand constantly in his sermons .

The Masonic “ Beehive “ pattern is often his background in Masonic blue during sermons .

Constantly uses Masonic terms such as chaos , light , Seeing Eye God , radical , Almighty God , paradigm , Haven’s Light , etc .

Only recently stopped using Satanic concentric circles at the end of his programs .( TBN still utilizes them . )

His heresies and blasphemies are numerous and usually quite obvious .

Several websites testify of allegations of his Satanic leanings .

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