Thursday, May 17, 2012

No Dogs Allowed

                                                          A Man’s Best Friend Is His Dog
There is much condemnation for dogs in the Bible . There will be no dogs in heaven . Jesus inferred to the Syrophenecianwoman , ( whose daughter he exorcised of a devil ) , that she was a dog . The woman did not argue that point with him . Jesus calls false Christians and false prophets  , (abundant today ), dogs . The dog star , Sirius , Alpha Canis Major , is symbolic of Satan , and is worshipped by astrologers ; the star named Wormwood that falls from heaven that makes the waters bitter .
Jesus alone is man’s best friend , but Satan wants you to think that he , the dog , is man’s best friend . Satan wants everyone to think that “ every dog will have his day “ , implying that even the worst of sinners will eventually be exonerated  without accepting Christ as their personal Saviour . The world’s sin is rejection of Christ . This unforgiveable sin will be the bone of contention  that Satan and those who do not trust  Jesus as Saviour will carry with them into an eternal hell .
The next three pages give a good Biblical portrayal of God’s condemnation of dogs .

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