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TBN : Spiritual Dumpster Diving

The Trinity Broadcastong Network claims to represent God's truth . Though they quote the Bible , their beliefs are very unBiblical , and their works give evidence to that fact , as Christians worldwide attest . The obvious major heresy is their foundation of charismatic quicksand , ornamented with filthy lucre , drowning themselves and their fellow conspirators in destruction and perdition , supposing that gain is godliness ; gain acquired by devouring widows' houses . Their rejoicing is to devour the poor secretly ; the poor , whom they refer to as the " little people . "  Their dens are kings' courts , and they glorify themselves living deliciously in opulence extracted through deceit . Via satellite connections they disseminate spiritual wickedness in high places , occypying the exosphere's uppermost rooms of imposed respect and authority, charming never so wisely , promoting the United Nations while walking with them in the way . The Talmud will be promoted by their collaboration with the Chinese government to promote their false gospel which gladly associates their pseudo-Christian propaganda with Talmudists through TBN's own programming .

The apostle Paul , who deemed himself to be nothing , said that he and his ministers of Christ hungered , and thirsted , and were naked , and were buffeted , and had no certain dwelling place , who worked with their own hands , and were made as the filth of the world , and were the offscouring of all things , and were troubled on every side , persecuted , alway delivered unto death for Jesus' sake , in perils of waters , in perils of robbers , in perils by Jews , in perils by the heathen , in perils in the city , in perils in the wilderness , in perils in the sea , in perils among false brethren , suffered weariness , painfulness , cold and fastings . The Crouches and fellow false compatriots must surely be able to identify with their continuous suffering for Christ , living lavishly in their multi- million dollar estates provided by unwary parishoners .

The Crouches and their TBN contemporaries are like Diotrophes who loved to have preeminence , who prated against the apostle John with malicious words while excommunicating Christians who disagreed with him .  Paul Crouch has proclaimed death to harbingers like me who warn the unwary of his perversion of the gospel . He had publicly stated this on 11/7/97 ; " God we proclaim death to anything or anyone that will lift a hand against this ministry that belongs to You God . It is Your work , it is Your idea , it is Your property , it is Your airwaves , it is Your world , and we proclaim death to anything that would stand in the way of God's great voice of proclaimation to the whole world . In the name of Jesus , and all the people said , Amen . "  I have on DVD a portion of Mr. Crouch's 2012 TBN birthday tribute in which he related a story about an inflight conversation with another passenger of his own larger airplane . This is how the conversation went according to Mr. Crouch ;  " Paul , if anything went wrong , could you land this airplane , and I said , well , I'd sure give it a hell of a try . "  He and his son both laugh heartily at this ungodly remark , as the son almost mimics his precise words while still laughing . Shortly after that the son interjects , " Did you actually say earlier you'd give it a hell of a try to land it ?"  Crouch Sr. says he couldn't remember . Their obedient and holy attitudes are evident here . I usually don't quote sinful remarks like this , but the unwary need to discern that these people are false Christians and are not credible .

Jesus had prohibited James and John from desiring the death of blind sinful men he came to earth to save , but Mr. Crouch sees things differently . It's a good thing Mr. Crouch wasn't here just prior to Saul's conversion , else Paul's ministry might never have begun . Perhaps Mr. Crouch's dynamic faith may have surpassed those of the forty conspirators who vowed not to eat until Paul was dead . I had personally watched Paul Crouch say this regarding expositors like me ; " I say to hell with you ! Oh halleleujah . "  His demonically led contemporary and good friend , Benny Hinn , had reportedly similarly disdained , saying that he wished God would give him a Holy Ghost machine gun so that he could shoot the heads of those of us who expose the hypocrisy and lies disseminated by people like themselves .  These are men which creep into houses , and lead captive silly women laden with sins , led away with divers lusts , ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth, resisting the truth ; men of corrupt minds , reprobate concerning the faith .

Many of the false TBN ministry have had the privilige of seeing Jesus personally appear to them on this earth , as Mr. Hinn proclaimed Jesus appeared to him on his bed . Chosen men like this never fall down prostrate as dead of course , but hear a few words directly spoken by Christ to them . Although the book of Revelation has been written and fairly well digested by true Christians , these men make no report of anything of further significance Jesus has revealed to them in person .

They purport that the evidence of speaking in tongues is evidence of salvation , and rejoice over the charismatic movement's history , rejected by the later church when it became apparent that the
tongues were articulated by Satan and not interpreted as they are not today . Paul had diminished the necessity of tongues , though he spoke in tongues more than anyone else . There was always an interpretation .

They promote Satanically , Talmudically inspired Bible codes which they prophesy the Talmudists will be able to more deeply decipher later ...understanding dark sentences ! Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise who began Reformed Judaism in America said that Reformed American Judaism will become America's religion . TNB has helped to ensure that has taken place .

Charismatic charlatans on their programs have claimed to enable the deaf to hear and the dead to be raised . Though ironically a cameraman was with them when they made these claims , no proof of the dead being raised was actually captured on film . Some say that they have raised the dead , and are getting better at it . Don't you think this would make world headlines if any of these liars could do what they proclaim they have done ?

They tell viewers that the more money you give to them , God will give you more back . Though there is scriptural truth regarding this issue , their desire is the destruction of souls as well as bank accounts . Congress has investigated many of TBN's ministers regarding their fleecing of the unwary .

Many guests on their programs have died and gone to heaven and returned . Many of them were caught up into the third heaven just like Paul without dying and have returned to tell their story while making money from recounting their own concocted experience .

Preachers well seasoned by the age of ten or younger are promoted by these deceivers .

Preachers like David Jeremiah openly make Masonic / Wiccan signals with crossed arms and hands and middle fingers while preaching heretical , blasphemous sermons .

Demonic versions of the Bible are promoted , and the King James Bible is often publicly shunned .

Masonic ecumenism is promoted .

Charles Sellier's Ancient Secrets of the Bible promote heresies and lies , promoting Bible codes and
lies that are so preposterous any Christian who has read the new testament only once will easily see through them .

More than one lawsuit with seeming legitimacy has been filed against Paul Crouch personally .

Though the Jews still openly admit they hate the cross , they welcome the Crouch's ministry with open arms . Jews had made it illegal to proselytize in Jerusalem , incurring fines and/or  imprisonment for doing so . The deceitful Crouches are only allowed access to Israel because , as David Jeremiah recounted , the Jews study their enemies down to the chromosome . They do not believe the gospel , but they have studied it more in depth than many Christians have . ( Even  Engels and Marx studied the book of Revelation . ) They gladly permit the Crouches to further promote a gospel which even they themselves know to be perverted .

There are striking similarities in the logos of the Trinity Broadcasting Network , the O.T.O. ,
( Ordo Temple Orientis , the Order of the Temple of the East , or the Order of Oriental Templars ,
a very Satanic group ) , the Rothschilds coat of arms , and the coats of arms of the United Kingdom
and of Scotland .

In both the Satanic O.T.O. , and in the TBN network logo a destructive inverted dove are amazingly similar . Remember , the TBN is not directed by the Holy Spirit . Both logos contain a demonic Maltese cross . The cross atop the TBN crown seems purposely stunted to appear more as the Maltese cross , rather than the well known Christian cross . The United Kingdom's crown displays a Maltese cross , as does Scotland's lion's crown with a Masonic white " X " on a Masonic blue background and other Masonic "X"s elsewhere .

The Rothschild , the British , and the Scottish coats of arms display a lion and a unicorn whose red tongues protrude in demonic fashion , except for the Rothschild unicorn which features a beard , ( unlike horses , but as goats ) , as do those in the English and Scottish coats of arms . The arch across TBN's lion could not be conceived as a unicorn's horn , whereas , the portion of the arch which protrudes from the horse's face could be construed by Masons to be a unicorn's horn .

The Rothschild , British and TBN 's lions are all on the left side of their respective logos .

The British and Scottish unicorns are both on a chained leash , ( as will be the devil for 1,000 years ) , while the Rothschild and TBN unicorn and horse have no chains . The Rothschild logo displays the star of David which is inscribed in all the seats of congress . This is not the pentagram ,
but the six pointed star , and is easily discernible . The Rothschild emblem , granted in 1822 by the Hapsburg College of Heralds , espouses the Masonic hope of harmony , integrity and industry , similar to the United Nations' /Masonic mantra of peace and unity .

The designers of these logos know there are two different meanings for them , as in Masonry .
The black birds' feet apparent amidst the white backgrounds protruding from each knight's helmet are more likely than not symbolic of demonic crow's feet or the witch's foot .

The unchanging word of God states specifically that women are not to teach or preach in the church , but be subject to their husbands , which puts the onus of responsibility upon the shoulders of the husbands . Communist inspired women's liberation exacerbated the women preacher heresy which is glorified and strongly promoted through the heretical TBN ministry . Following are some of the major Bible verses that prove my assertion that women are not supposed to preach . 1st Timothy 14:34,35 ; 1st Timothy 2:11-14 ; 1st Corinthians 11:7-9 ; Colossians 3:18 ; Ephesians 5:22 25 ; Ephesians 5:28 ; 1st Peter 3: 1 and 7 ; Genesis 3:16 ; Titus 2:5 . TBN promotes
many women preachers .

This list could be almost endless , but these are the major heretical underpinnings of the ungodly Trinity Broadcasting Network which Christians should avoid . A little leaven leavens the whole lump . The Bible says to mark these and avoid them .

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