Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Traditional Sayings Are Actually Demonic

                                      Good Words , Fair Speeches , And Old Wives' Tales

Satan is the Father of confusion and lies . His major modus operandi has been deceit through language , as with Eve . He causes divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine of Christ through his good words and fair speeches , deceiving the hearts of the simple . Communication through language is the world's most important facet of the operation of households , relationships , businesses and governments , as well as heaven's work , saving people from the hell God had created for the devil , his angels , and those who do not trust Christ as Savior . Following are some old sayings by which the devil has bewitched the unwary .

                                              God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Jesus , God in the flesh , said in John 5 :19 ; " The Son can do nothing of himself , but what he seeth the Father do : for what things soever he doeth , these also doeth the Son likewise . In John 5:30 he said ; " I can of mine own self do nothing : as I hear , I judge : and my judgment is just : because I seek not mine own will , but the will of the Father which hath sent me . "  In John 8:28 Jesus said ; " I do nothing of myself ; but as my Father hath taught me , I speak these things . "

Paul said ; " When I am weak , then am I strong ."

Satan wants both Christians and non-Christians to think they will receive God's help if they make an effort to help themselves spiritually , politically , economically , morally etc . This is the mantra that the demonically controlled United Nations' Masonic Kingdom of God on Earth will appear to have accomplished  through the aid of demonic triads of prayers to Harry Anderson's false christ knocking at the United Nations' door .

If Jesus claimed himself to be inept , how much more so the rest of us .

                                             God Loves You Just The Way You Are

Satan's inference here is that God will accept sinners just the way they are . God loves you , but he does not love you just the way you are . Every person born on this earth is born God's natural enemy because of his inherited sin through Adam .Without Christ's protective saving blood running through your veins by faith you are absoultely detestable to God as I once was . If God loves sinners just the way they are Christ died in vain . Unless you by faith ask God to forgive your sins through faith in his Son whom he himself slew on the cross , God will not love you just the way you are , but will cast you into into hell with the devil and his angels .

                If You Can't Say Anything Nice About Somebody , Don't Say Anything At All

This old wive's tale probably circulated around Jesus' time in some form or another . Jesus publicly denounced the Pharisees as covetous , sons of snakes , liars , open graves , fools , hypocrites ,
blind guides , and devourers of widows' houses who for a pretense made long prayers , whose damnation will be most severe . Today's Pharisaical contemporaries are best exemplified through the demonically inspired Trinity Broadcasting Network  legitimately mocked by even non-Christians who see through their chicanery.

                                                     It's Too Good To Be True

Satan wants to be sure this one reverberates around the world . God's promise of eternal life through faith in his Son is the greatest gift God offers to mankind through the Bible . It is good , and it true . Man's sinful innate unbelieving nature rejects this truth . But those who have tasted of the heavenly gift , and are made partakers of the Holy Ghost , and have tasted the good word of God , and the powers of the world to come know that God offers good things to them that trust him . Here,
Satan is inferring that God is not infinitely good , and even if he were , humans could not comprehend it , because nothing can be spectacularly good and true .

                                                   You Can't Put God In A Box

But that's exactly what God did . He set parameters for the seashores , ( as in Job 38 : 11 ) ,
for stars , for angels , for heaven , for that great city , the holy Jerusalem descending out of heaven from God in Revelation 21 : 10 , and for the hearts of men subjected to his ten laws contained in the
ark , ( the box ) , of Exodus 25 .

The devil's ploy in this lie is to contradict Paul's warning to Christians that they should not use their newly acquired freedom from the law as a license to sin .

One good example of the devil's Pandoran box regards the rejection of 1st Corinthians 11:14 which reads ; " Doth not even nature itself teach you , that , if a man have long hair it is a shame unto
him ? "  The army of men in Revelation 9 who are locusts with the power of scorpions have " hair as the hair of women . "  The communist inspired 1960's spirit of  radicalism revitalized the rebellious
un-Biblical practice of males donning feminine coiffures earlier displayed by America's leading Masonic forefathers who favored radical enlightenment , and largely rejected Christianity, feigning respect for it , but not truly accepting it . Malachi 3:6 states that God does not change . Trinity Broadcasting constantly showcases men with hair like women , claimimg them to be wonderful Christian examples . They are not , and because they are associated with Trinity Broadcasting , they probably do not know Christ , as Christians believe the Crouches do not . The long hair sets a precedent for deeper rebellion . A little leaven leavens the whole lump .

Artists who did not know Christ portrayed him as having long hair . More than likely he did not have long hair , and was not led , as was Samson , to grow his hair long . He had a beard , but most Christians believe neither he , nor his disciples had long hair. Demonic and Masonic symbolism was
embedded within almost every irreverent painting of Christ centuries ago , as pictures supposedly representing him still contain them today .

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