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Methodist Church infiltrated by communists long ago

Copies of communist Methodist propaganda may perhaps still be obtained from Drew University Library for a reasonable fee . Their address is Drew University Library , Madison , New Jersey , 07940 -4000 , per . Educational Material . I will quote some of the two  most exemplary issues of communist propaganda soliciting Christians to work for a stronger United Nations and also for a one world government contained in each issue . Blasphemy and heresy also abound in these , as it has in all churches the communists corrupted long ago . Government documentation proves that . Some Methodists warned of the communist infiltration , one of whom was A.H.McGregor in his tract , " Has The Methodist Church Gone Mad ?" , 8th edition October 1961 . The following quotes will be from the Methodist " Adult Student " issue of August 1950 and from another issue published in November of 1950 , both published by The Methodist Publishing House .

   In this brainwashing issue the question is put to the student ; " Why do we need world government if we already have the United Nations ?"  Most unsuspecting students would accept the false premise that a world government is  " needed ."  And it is obvious to Christians that the only power to supersede the United Nations' will be that of the antichrist whose platform the communists were building from inside the church through the Masonic lodge as Alice Bailey described .

 Another brainwashing ploy regarding the necessity for a world government , now palatable to most unsuspecting people , was ;  " Do you think lasting peace is possible without a " federal " form of world government ? Why ? ...What do you think of the idea of being a citizen of a United States of the World as well as of the United States of America ? " 

The communist buzzword " federal " saturates this literature .

And only a degree of national sovereignty would be lost enabling all who take the mark of the beast , as suggested by Tim LaHaye , would become citizens of the world which would make Rick Warren happy .

This will all be based upon Masonic " brotherhood " espoused heavily throughout the United Nations'
24 major works of Alice Bailey .

Notice again the word " federal " amongst the implication of a world federal government with it's own judiciary on the next page . That self-appointed judiciary is in place now .

Methodists are urged to become workers for the United Nations and world government too .

Christianity is attacked from inside the classroom , as it had been for two thousand years ; " A religion of merely personal salvation is an essential contradiction to the good news of the coming of God's kingdom . That kingdom means not only a personal but a social and cosmic transformation . "

Masons and witches are expecting the United Nations' kingdom of God on earth without the real Christ .
The communist buzzwords cosmic and social are used here .

Other blasphemies I will simply quote from these propaganda pieces include ;

From August 1950 , page 62 ; " What Did Jesus Say ? " ... He never once refers to himself under the title of
"Saviour  . "  ...He uses the word  " salvation "  only once , and that in a single gospel . "

These people know the Bible well . They do not know it's author , but they know how to purposely deceive the unwary using his words . Christians cannot be fooled by them , for we are wary of his devices .

Though these change agents loathe talking about sin , and of course never Biblically define it , as Rick Warren never similarly did in some of his own propaganda , they say eventually that they have " talked
too much about sin . "

On page 61 they say ; " There is little in the teachings of Jesus about the popular notion on salvation ."

On page 41 they had said ; " Can we go on interpreting Christianity as solely the religion of personal salvation in the eternal life which means transferring selfishness to the world beyond . A religion of personal salvation is an essential contradiction to the good news of the coming of God's kingdom . That kingdom means not only a personal but a social and cosmic transformation . "

In volume 9 , number 8 it was also stated that the heretical book 2nd Jeremiah was accepted as canon .

Methodist propaganda was peppered with communist buzzwords such as  progressive , social , peace , sustain , world order , social action , the reconstruction of humanity , and federal .

I had pictured part of this blasphemy before . And so , today , blasphemy like this permeates all churches the communists vowed they would subvert long ago . Nikita Khruschev had written a book titled
" Conquest Without War " . They even displayed the temerity to tell everyone that they would corrupt the church from the inside . They did it .

The 1992 Methodist Book of Resolution is nothing but communist propaganda . On page 72 , paragraph 3 it is stated ; " The theological task , though related to the church's doctrineal expressions , serves a different function . Our doctrinal affirmations assist us in discernment of Christian truth in EVER CHANGING CONTEXTS . "

This is how change agents work . Though Methodist faith should be based upon the Bible , now these
higher critics will direct parishoners to changing concepts ...perpetually changing concepts that they may adapt the masses of unwary followers toward their superior's agendas .

Paragraph 5 states ; " Theology serves the Church by interpreting the world's needs and challenges to the Church and by INTERPRETING the gospel to the world . " Who will interpret the gospel ? those mentioned two paragraphs preceeding who will introduce " ever changing contexts ."

Though the Holy Ghost should enable Christians to understand the Bible , these change agents deceive by stating ; " Imaginative and critical thought enable us to understand better the Bible and our own common Christian history ."  Unfortunately , it was critical thought that catalyzed Satan's name change .

They also state on this page ; " In this deeper sense of tradition, all Christians share a common history . Within that history , CHRISTIAN TRADITION PRECEDES SCRIPTURE , and yet scripture comes to be the focal expression of the tradition . "  Dialectical thought like this resulted in the writing of the demonic
Jewish Talmud accepted as authoritative by Jews today . This is cheap brainwashing 101 which works on those who do not know Christ .

They continue in the next sentence , saying ; " As United Methodists , we pursue our theological task in openness to the richness of both the form and power of TRADITION ." The Bible can be thrown out the window as these liars establish new Christian traditions .

They add that , " The multiplicity of tradition furnishes a richly varied source for theological reflection and construction ."

On page 78 they say ; " Tradition acts as a measure of validity and propriety for a community's faith insofar as it represents a consensus of faith . "  No longer now is the Bible valid , but the traditions these critical thinkers manufacture will become valid .Who makes the consensus of faith ? Jesus ? No , they do .

In the next paragraph they write ; " It is the discerning use of OUR standards and in openness to EMERGING FORMS of Christian identity that we attempt to maintain fidelity to the apostolic faith . "
Whose standards are to be used ? The Bible ? No, theirs . Whose emerging forms ? Who else's , because the Bible's truth had already emerged .

The communist ruse of concerns about terrorism , war , poverty , violence and impatience are strewn about on page 80 . On the next page the communist global ecumenical mantra reads like this ; " A rich quality of our Church , especially as it has developed in the last century , is its GLOBAL character . We are in a church with a distinct theological heritage , but that heritage is lived out in a GLOBAL community , resulting in understandings of our faith enriched by indigenous experiences and manners of expression . " The Methodist faith is not enriched by adherence to God's word , but rather nebulous indigenous experiences , and manners of expression . The charismatic church is one of the best examples of global
blasphemy espoused by a false church whose indigenous experiences and manners of expression bring shame to the name of Christ . Of course the communists had no influence in the easily duped charismatic
global church .

On page 81 they state ; " United Methodists respond the the theological , biblical , and practical mandates for Christian unity by firmly committing ourselves to the cause of Christian unity at local , national and world levels . "

This coerced Christian untiy will make the communist's antichrist's rise easier . The supposedly godless communists had been quoted in my 1960 Encyclopedia Britannica saying this regarding their United Nations' antichrist  on page 137 , under COMMUNISM , PRIMITIVE ;  " Thirty years later , the Communists were more than ever convinced that history had put on the order of the day the final and total victory of communism . This victory , according to communist doctrine , held with the fervor of religious messianic expectations , would create a world of one faith and one leadership , which would ensure the peace and security for the Soviet Union and the certainty of salvation for the whole of mankind . "

Since Jesus has already been here , what other "messianic expectations " might there be ? Why do
the Communists long for them ? Obviously the reference is not to the risen Christ . This is the antichristian hope of a world of one faith . This will be the culmination of communist ecumenically redesigned traditions established by those critical thinkers . It will be communist designed faith . It will be a communist
oriented  " one leadership " that ensures the demonically prayed for world false peace , resulting in salvation for " the whole of mankind  ."  For them , Satan's ability will surpass God's ability , as this impostor unbiblically saves " the whole of mankind . " This will be the communist " one new humanity " touted by TBN guests and Messianic Jews . Below is a portion of a picture of page 137 which should have been displayed on magazine covers and in media worldwide . But who controls those entities to a major degree ?

Judaism 101 : Mashiach : The Messiah , on the net , points to another messiah on the third of it's five pages ;
" The mashiach will bring about the political and spiritual redemption of the Jewish people by bringing us back to Israel and restoring Jerusalem ( Isaiah 11:11-12 ; Jeremiah 23 :8 , 30 ; Hosea 3: 4-5 ). He will establish a government in Israel that WILL BE THE CENTER OF ALL WORLD GOVERNMENT , both
for Jews and gentiles ( Isaiah 2:2-4 ; 42:1 ) . He will rebuild the Temple and re-establish its worship
( Jeremiah 33:18 ) . He weill the religious system of Israel and establish Jewish law as the law of the land ( Jeremiah 33: 15 ) .  On page 4 the Jewish rejection of Christ is proclaimed . Christians for hundreds of years have been lied to , made to believe the antichrist will spring from Rome .

Rather than nurturing Methodists to conform to the nature of Christ , on page 87 regarding " The Nurturing Community " , the change agents want to nurture " human beings into the fullness of their humanity. "
This is diametrically opposed to Christianity . Communist " social science " is touted on pages 88 and 89 which obviously strengthens the unbiblical acceptance of homosexuality in the church ; " We recognize that sexuality is God's gift to all persons . We believe persons may be FULLY HUMAN ONLY when that gift is acknowledgeed and affirmed by themselves , the church and society . " Unfortunately , according to these adepts , Jesus would not have been fully human , much less divine because he would condemn homosexuality they have accepted and promoted within and outside the church . On pages 89 and 92 they usurp parents needs to educate children regarding sexuality , and on page 94 homosexual acceptance is suggested again .

On page 98 the communist desire for the redistribution of wealth and the unlawful ownership of personal property is voiced ; " We support measures that would reduce the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few...We believe that Christian faith denies to ANY PERSON OR GROUP OF PERSONS EXCLUSIVE AND ARBITRARY CONTROL OF ANY OTHER PART OF THE CREATED UNIVERSE . "

The communist terms " cooperative and collective " are praised on 99 , as well as the very Biblical necessity
of " collective bargaining . " False shepherds have used the terms cooperative and collecitve for decades .

They make no attempt to hide their communist desires on page 104 and 105 wherein they promote a
" world community . " They endorse the United Nations and " commend the efforts of people in all countries who pursue world peace through world law " , urging that the United Nations be strengthened . If individuals actually knew the power exerted by the United Nations behind the scenes they would faint .

On page 511 re; " Women's Division " ; " A United Nations Office shall be conducted in cooperation with the General Board of Church and Society  " , uniting fellowship with the WORLD FEDERATION ...
thereby strenghtening the ecumenical witness and program of the church . " Again , I would stress that the word Federal is integral to the spread of socialism/communism . All of this supposedly pertains to Christian growth in the Methodist 1992 Book of Discipline .

Dalton Woods , in his pamphlet , " Things You Should Know About Subversive Influences In Methodism " , 1965 , 10th printing , quoted Khruschev who said ; " We can't expect the American people to jump from Capitalism to Communism , but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism until they awaken one day to find they have communism . "

J. Edgar Hoover had said ; "... this strategy of Communist deceit is aimed to undermine, hoodwink , and exploit the Christian pulpit . " Thousands of government documents to substantiate his claim should still be available on the internet and on microfiche in libraries . It is a waste of time to combat a battle long ago lost
around the world to communism . The most important thing you can do as as Christian is to  pray without ceasing and give as many old KIng James Bibles to as many people as you think may cherish them .

In his book " The Search For A New Beginning " , Mikhail Gorbachev employs the communist mantra that the world needs to cooperate through interdependence of nations , mentioning a " genuine national security in the NEW WORLD ORDER . "  After his Marxist predecessors had enabled the holocaust of about 100
million people , he says on page 15 that today's " intellectual and moral development is lagging " , never apologizing for his predecessors' actions . The " Green Cross International " Ghorbachev's green thumb points to the fact that " humanity's disregard for the environment presents the greatest threat to our immediate future " on page 31 , and that , " We need a NEW PARADIGM ( David Jeremiah's term ) that will bring us back to reality , recognizing that humanity is just a part of nature . "  On page 38 he says ; " The recognition of the world as an integral whole calls for a change in our value system , or to put it more precisely , for actualizing the initial values that are inherent in the nature of the human being as a social and spiritual entity . "
So , now , apparently ,  the godless communists are becoming more " spiritual . "  On page 41 he actually has the gall to state ; " How else can we explain the fact that in the twentieth century whole nations became victims to genocide .The holocaust of World War II was one of the most terrible crimes of Nazism . "  On this page he also laments about the COLLECTIVE world's pitiable and spiritual moral development , again , never hinting of communism's murder of about 100 million innocent people .

Espousing Masonic views on page 43 , he wants the world to reject any lind of intolerance , which eventuated in Canadian persecution of Christian pastors who opposed homosexuality as the Bible commands . His contemporary , Alice Bailey 's call for a world consensus morality is espoused on page 51 , to be enabled through politics coupled with unqualified compliance with international law produced through the communist controlled United Nations . ( Of course he didn't state that the United Nations was controlled by communists , but students of communism know that it was formed and controlled by them , as it is to this day . )

As in the Methodist Adult Student communist propaganda , he echoes on page 55 that ; " It is time for every individual nation , and state to rethink its place and role in world affairs . "  ( And I wonder whose idea it was to design those bumper stickers of the 1960's that read ; " Act Locally , Think Globally " ) . He repeats this Masonic plea again on page 58 .

On page 59 his Masonic hopes shine through when he states ; " The roles of culture , religion , science ,
and education must grow enormously . The responsibility of the centers of humanity's intellectual , scientific , and religious development is immense and must be given preeminence . "  This is in essence what Alice Bailey had written in her United Nations' touted book , " The Externalization of the Hierarchy " in which she stated ; " The three main channels through which the preparation for THE NEW AGE is going on might be regarded as the Church , the Masonic Fraternity and the educational field.  ."

On page 60 Mr. Gorbachev continued promoting the Masonic NEW AGE PARADIGM saying , " We need to find a PARADIGM that will integrate all the achievements of the human mind and human action irrespective of which ideology or political movement can be credited with them ...The search for a NEW PARADIGM should be should be a search for synthesis , for what is common to , and unites people , countries and nations rather than what divides them . "

He states on page 65 that " Honoring diversity and honoring the earth creates the basis for genuine
UNITY "; another Masonic platform ) .

Harry Anderson's false Christ placed in many duped churches will bring about Gorbachev's Masonic unity .
Robert Muller , who loved U.N. occultist Alice  Bailey's book , " A Treatise On White Magic " wrote a book called  " New genesis : Shaping A Global Spirituality ." Muller formed his own occult school based on Alice Bailey 's " A Treatise On White Magic " .  Muller believed ; " If Christ came back to earth , his first visit would be to the United Nations , to see if his dream of human oneness and brotherhood had come
true . " Christians know something quite different will happen when Christ returns .


Harry Anderson - Prince of Peace

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