Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese sponsors Witch's pyramid

PBS Kids Super Why , ( an Out of the Blue Enterprises LLC production sponsored by Chuck E. Cheese ) , displays the Witch's pyramid very quickly at the beginning of it's programs . Below will be  several snapshots I transferred with my cheap phone to my gmail showing Chuck E. Cheese forming the Masonic triangular / Wiccan symbol with his gloved hands . This also is strikingly similar to the Talmudic Kohane blessing , except for the Vulcan Star Trek finger separation forming the two equilateral sides of the Wiccan triangle . The premise for this program happened to be Egyptology , ( which is witchcraft , upon which Masonry is based ) , with a challenge to children to find the Egyptian heiroglyphic secret code by matching the English alphabet to the perhaps correlating Egyptian heiroglyphs they featured .

In the book , " Encyclopedia of Wicca and Witchcraft " , page 376 , these words precede the Wiccan triangular pyramid pictured below in the same book ; " In ritual spellcasting this principle can be symbolized through a hand gesture . By bringing the tips of both index fingers together , a triangle appears in the opening . This symbolic hand gesture can be used in ritual while chanting , charging objects , or speaking blessings . " Also pictured below is an internet display of the similar Kohan blessing . Rabbi Yonasson Gershom , who has made a serous study of Jewish influences and references in the Star Trek series , said that Vulcan culture is based on rabbinical Judaism , and ; " we need both the evil inclination and the good inclination to reside in us to be complete beings . " Star Trek's Vulcan salute is almost identical to the Witch's pyramid . There are no blessings in witchcraft . The rabbi's statement that both good and evil need to simultaneously reside in us to make us complete is antithetical to Christian belief .

Indoctrination into witchcraft has exacerbated exponentially since the invention of the television , and particularly through cartoons which train up children in the way they should not go; the Wiccan way . Could this Wiccan gesture made by Chuck E. Cheese be simply an arbitrary unique way to open a children's cartoon program ? Fair use is requested here to promote education and discussion .

Curiously , also in this cartoon is a character Masons and the Untied Nations might love ; one which triangles emanate from , and whose hardhat , belt , and toolbox contain triangles . The United Nations solicits prayers for the " Coming one " , in " Triangles " ;  interfaith and no faith global groups of three .

And Masons might also have enjoyed seeing this message in the same cartoon , which suggests that the viewers are " brothers " of Egyptians . Children will automatically respond to a seemingly harmless dare . Below is a poor snapshot of that message . They may subconsciously accept that they are brothers of Egyptians .

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