Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shadow Mountain ; a Masonic prison executing dark sentences for it's prisoners

Therefore shall the strength of Pharaoh be your shame , and the trust in the shadow of Egypt your confusion . ( Isaiah 30 : 3)

My face is foul with weeping , and on my eyelids is the shadow of death . ( Job 16 : 16 )

He discovereth deep things of darkness , and bringeth to light the shadow of death . ( Job 12 : 22 )

...he fleeth as a shadow , and continueth not . ( Job 14 : 2 )

I am gone like the shadow when it declineth . ( Psalm 109 : 23 )

For who knoweth what is good for man in this life , all the days of his vain life which he spendeth as a shadow . ( Ecclesiastes 6 : 12 )

Give glory to the LORD your God , before he cause darkness and before your feet stumble upon the dark mountains , and , while ye look for light , he turn it into the shadow of death , and make it gross darkness . ( Jeremiah 13 : 16 )

Woe to the land shadowing with wings . ( Isaiah 18 : 1 )

In his televised May 20th sermon aired by Trinity Broadcasting Network , David Jeremiah displays the Masonic middle finger rebuke . Some Masons have the gall to point to a passage in a book or point to an object they are describing with their middle finger , rather than with their pointer finger . Again , Jeremiah unashamedly showcases this Wiccan sign , as he does others , while pointing to his forehead . The average person would never point to his head with his two middle fingers . He had nothing in his hands to warrant the peculiar display . Certainly he is not under the Holy Ghost's direction here , as he never is . Though he honors him with his mouth , his heart is far from him .... " A naughty person , a wicked man , walketh with a froward mouth . He winketh with his eyes , he speaketh with his feet , he teacheth with his fingers ."

Jeremiah's followers seem to be as the Corinthians whom Paul admonished saying ; " For ye suffer fools gladly , seeing ye yourselves are wise . For ye suffer , if a man bring you into bondage , if a man devour you , if a man take of you , if a man exalt himself , if a man smite you on the face . "

Below are some poor , but discernible photos of Jeremiah's few seconds of demonic mockery he exhibited on his May 20th ,2102 program entitled , " What Is Faith . " Surely , others may be able to transmit a better image of his middle finger gestures than the ones I display . His other Wiccan gestures only buttress the fact that this is no mistake , but was intentional .

Jack Graham on the same day displayed this demonic horned hand he has displayed before .

In his own David, T.V. Player Windows Internet streaming video the demonic two finger display is clearly visible at 30:32 . He had pointed to his head with his pointer finger before in this sermon . Why the demonic change ? Shortly after this he says ; " I am not saying that faith is plus works . " But , Dr. Jeremiah must have read that James said faith without works is dead , and that he showed his faith by his works , and that Abraham was made perfect and was justified by works enabled by faith in Christ . It was by his works Abraham's faith was made perfect , as was the harlot Rahab's . This nine word blasphemous phrase subtly added by David Jeremiah challenges the Bible ; " I am not saying that faith is plus works . " Christians are to be a peculiar people zealous of good works , keeping Jesus' works unto the end , but Dr. Jeremiah doesn't want you to believe that . Below is a clearer picture from his 5/20/12 streaming website in which the Wiccan warrior's demonic display is more easily discerned .

He also used the old cliche , saying , " I am not a prophet , nor the son of a prophet ",
yet his advertising for his unbiblical understandings display the word " Prophetic " in his
$60.00 or more gift offer .

Baphomet , ,
and thousands of pictures of Jesus with an unbiblical two finger point , as well as thousands of statues
with a demonic two finger pose and the cub scout two finger salute were available on the net
a while ago . In the Scouts ', "God and Life " award the "X " pattern is displayed in the upper left quadrant .
Various beliefs other that Christian are acceptable in the Scouts' God and Country award program .

Could it be that Shadow Mountain church is a Masonic front steeped in Kabbalism ? Many believe it is . Certainly Tim LaHaye lies when he tells the world that one may receive the mark of the beast and still go to heaven . Is there proof of his alleged association with the Masonic lodge ? Perhaps David Jeremiah can put his finger on it through his Most Requested Messages as he tells you God touches you " through His fingers of love " , per David - Q&A with Dr. Jeremiah .


  1. Interesting stuff about Jeremiah etc. Are you aware of Jeremiah's plagiarism? Google "Plagiarism Galore in a David Jeremiah Book." I found this on a blog owned by a Joe Ortiz. Are you shocked about such thievery?

  2. Dear Marylee. I apologize for not replying earlier . I am in my sixties and have not looked at my email perhaps since even long before your query . I opened one email up re: avid Jeremiah and it seemed to be fraudulent . I am not extremely computer literate . I had almost forgotten about email . The computer I am using is the library's . I had read about David Jeremiah's plagarism quite a while ago . The only thing about David Jeremiah that would shock me would be for him to admit his Masonic/Wiccan gestures were just that , and that he repented of them and finally realized that his misrepresentation of Christ was either innocent or willfully , socialistically dialectical in design . Again , I apologize for seeming indifferent , but really forgot about getting email . I hope you are trusting Christ to save you to the uttermost . Thank you for contacting me ,

    I have become embroiled in controversy , more than likely stimulated beacuse of my exposure of David Jeremiah's lies . I may again forget about my email for a while . Jesus said Christians would be mocked reviled and hated in his name , but I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us...if we faint not .