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Don't Make A Federal Case Out Of It

I recently viewed one of my dozens of old Billy Graham Crusades in which Mr. Graham stated ; " A British psychologist recently said , we are so psychologically constructed that we need converted , and if the church doesn't get back to converting the people , we psychologists are going to have to do it . "  Mr. Graham also said in the same sermon; " A Chicago psychologist recently said this generation needs converting more than any generation in history . " In this sermon Mr. Graham made no allusion that the psychologists had any respect for Christianity , most of which do not . Psychology itself excludes God from the equation of mental assessment and therapy . Healing the psyche without spiritual rebirth in Christ would be , as John Bunyan would put it , going from a bad to a worse .

Mr. Graham's Masonic ties seem to be substianted in Reverend Jim Shaw's book entitled , " The Deadly Deception " . On page 104 , Mr. Shaw declared that Billy Graham took part in Mr. Shaw's own Masonic initiation . The publishers reportedly refused to print the book unless Billy Graham's name was deleted , and replaced with the words , " internationally prominent evangelist . " Throughout his sermons Mr.Graham gives mixed messages regarding salvation through Christ's blood alone , but hundreds of times he has stated that individuals need to make a " commitment " to Christ , placing a seemingly equal amount of responsibility for salvation upon the one who
 " commits "  himself to Jesus . His evengelistic meetings were dubbed " Crusades " by himself . The Crusades were Masonic military expeditions to free the Holy Land from Mohammedans . The Masonic crusade since then has been Zionism and the rebuilding of the temple. At times Mr. Graham presented a clear gospel message, but I cannot recall a single sermon which did not contain at least one heresy . Books have been written about his numerous heresies .

The Talmudic/ Masonic  " conversion " has been taking place for more than two millennia . Psychologists , politicians , financiers , and movers and shakers have manipulated the evolution of global conversion , ensuring it's sustainability . Federalism seems to be the more recent term for
" coversion " to socialism , which is communism , which is globalism . Star Trek's Federation of Global Planets was a subtle brainwashing ploy for Federalism's acceptance .

According to the dictionary , a federation is the formation of a political body in unity . America's early history reveals the Federalist Party as a political party with a strong central government which favored the protection of banks , with the formation of a central bank , which became the non-governmental , autonomous Federal Reserve owned and controlled by the Rothschilds , as is today's World Bank . The Rothschilds like to stay in the shadows and not publicly celebrate their vast worldly influence .

The United States began as a " CONFEDERATION "; a body of confederates , ( conspirators ) , under the Articles of Confederation in the 1780's . The dictionary defines a confederacy as a combination for unlawful purposes : a conspiracy .

In my 1960 Encyclopedia Britannica , page 133B, this is stated regarding Federal Council- Federal Government ; " Federal governments often evolved out of leagues of confederations . It was so in the United States, Switzerland , and the Netherlands . Hence , federal government typically exhibits some of the organizational features of confederations . "

Confederacies are mentioned in the Bible in Isaiah 8:12 and Obadiah 7 . Genesis 14:13 declares that Abram was confederate with Eschol and Amer . Psalm 83:5 states that Israel's enemies were confederate against Israel . Isaiah 7:2 states that Syria was confederate with Ephraim . Psalm 2 speaks of the confederacy against God , as the kings of the earth set themselves , and the rulers take council together , against the LORD , and against his anointed , saying ,  Let us break their bands asunder , and cast away their cords from us . This was similar to the Talmudic confederacy that strategized Christ's death .

It is relevant for me to quote my Encyclopedia again which states this regarding Communism, Primitive , which is the new Federalism . ; " Thirty years later the communists were more than ever convinced that history had put on the order of the day the final and total victory of communism. This victory , according to communist doctrine, held with the fervor of religious messianic expectations would create a world of one faith and one leadership which would ensure the peace and security for the Soviet Union and the certainty of salvation for the whole of mankind . "  Now that is the real  "conversion "psychologists were hoping for in Billy Graham's message . This conversion resulting in one leadership of one faith ensuring salvation for the whole of mankind would obviously not pertain to Christ , " For when they shall say Peace and safety ; then sudden destruction cometh upon them , as travail upon a woman with child ; and they shall not escape . "

The United Nations' prototypical Bahai faith , ( an essentially Masonic faith ) , understandably promotes socialist " Federalism " on the web under ; Uniting the Peoples & Nations " [ Book Review ]  ; Out of Anarchy: A Multicultural Look at the Federalist Ideal . "  They promote  ;
" the creation of a world federal system...something more powerful than the present day United Nations...the World Federalist Movement...World unity ...the New World
Order " , and they include excerpts from America's Federalist Papers . They say ; " federalism is a nearly universal idea , capable of appealing to people of many cultures and backgrounds . " They have nothing to fear regarding the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's , ( U/FOUO) Rightwing Extremism : Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment " in which , on page 6 of 9, Christians are inferred as being paranoid rightwing extremists who view the " New World Order " as a conspiracy theory . ( Christians know who the prince of this world is and how that conspiracy took place ) . On page 3 of this unclassified document anyone who reveals the Rothschild  "cabal  of Jewish financial elites "  are categorized as
rightwing extremists . This is communist brainwashing 101 , which has worked for a long time for the United Nations' crooked , piercing serpent Leviathan .

Wikipedia's " World Federalist Movement " describes this movement as global citizens movement . Apparently citizens around the world just happened to spontaneously spawn this idea themselves .
Wikipedia states that these people desire " the establishment of a global FEDERALIST system of strengthened and accountable global institutions with plenary constitutional power and a division of international authority among separate global agencies . " It is nice to see that these global inststutions will be accountable to some other authority . This may be but a shadow of a prelude to the antichrist and his ten toes . Until the temple is rebuilt I am not going to become very excited about the antichrist's arrival , but machinations like this set a Biblical precedent . Wikipedia continues on about the World Federalist Movement , mentioning " activists " ( almost always commnists ) , and tells of the first World Federalist organization launched in 1937 , which was the Campaign for World Government , (which the Clinton administration endorsed ) . In 1939 the American Federal Union was established with " five small world federalist organizations " which came together in Asheville , North Carolina , and agreed to merge as the United World Federalists which globally promoted the World Movement For World Federal Governments who " focused on amendments to the United Nations Charter as a way forward " . Socialist buzzword Federalist organization names are obvious at the bottom of page 2 .

Daniel J. Elazar promoted communism's Messianic hope of a world of one faith and one leadership . He was President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs , Professor of Political Science at Bar Ilan University , Director of Temple University's Center for the Study of Federalism , and also was a Sh'ma contributing editor . The Satanic triquetta is featured on the net pertaining to his own works . One example is below .

On the net , in " K'ra , the Sh'ma Feature Review , Fall 1988 " , it is mentioned that a  " powerful new Judaism " is emerging . This article also states that " Jewish belief can essentially be humanism writ large " on page 134 . Page 135 states  ; " gentiles have only animal-ish souls while those of Jews are touched with Divinity " per the book ," The Longer Shorter Way . "

Mr. Elazar , in his " One god's federal universe " infers the Masonic belief of a " prismatic unity of the sciences " " paralleled by the paradigm of mystical and moral unity explained by the kabbalah which bridges God's unity and the world's diversity through emanations of the sephirot . They , like the elements in James' federal republican universe , stand in federal relationship to one another..."  Professor Elazar had earlier alluded to the Masonic mantra , order out of chaos , when he stated the world needs " to find a universal constitutional order . " He seems to desire the antichrist's upcoming ability to understand dark sentences , as he praises the kabbalah again and says this ; " Just as the material universe is constructed out of the combination of chemical elements , so can we understand the spiritual universe as constructed out of the combination of letters of the Hebrew alphabet , each separate but active only when linked to others in federal relationship ( united into words and sentences yet with each letter maintaining its own integrity ) to form words which call things into existence and place them under judgment ."  Though the Bible says God's ways are past finding out , this man has revealed to humankind how all of creation took place ...FEDERALLY ! The TBN network should have loved this Bible code expositor . He is exemplary of Talmudists they companion with through their programming . Professor Elazar continues on in this piece praising " federal liberty " and the " federal constitution . "

In Professor Alazar's ," The Evolving Federal System " communist buzzwords abound  , as they do in his other works . His first sentence reads ; " At least since the end of World War II , a hidden revolution has been sweeping the world - the Fedaralist revolution . "   He follows by saying ,
" within the framework of a supranational confederation . "  He ends his first hook paragraph by stating ; " The federal principles have their roots in the American Federal system , the first modern federal polity . "  He attempts to brainwash the unwary with communist terms such as cooperative federalism " , which aided and strengthened the 1913 socialist push to strengthen the Rothschild's world influence and control . He mentions the socialist leaning Spinoza , ( who was trained in the Talmud ), in his " Federal Liberty and the Jewish Political Tradition . "  In Robert M. Seltzer's ,
" Jewish People , Jewish Thought , The Jewish Experience in History " , page 687 , Spinoza was parised . Mr. Seltzer was not ashamed to write that Spinoza was influenced by Moses Hess , and that " Spinoza produced the philosophy that theoretically restored the unity of the ideal and real " , culminating  "in a utopian communism where social justice and harmony will be fully attained " ,
leading to a " messianic age of economic justice and national liberationfor all mankind . " This parallels the communist messianic hope espoused in my 1960 Encyclopedia Britannica . On page 654 of this book it is stated that Trotsky , under Lenin's command , both of whom were of Jewish descent ," advocated assimilation of Jews in a socialist society ."  In another book titled , " The Jewish People : Past and Present , it is stated on page 308 ; ..." in other words , Zionism is the realization of Socialism among the Jewish people . " In another of my blogs pertaining to " The Pharisees Develop Communism " , Jewish Encyclopedias , Jewish authors , Talmudic rabbis and the Jewish Publication Society are but a few who flatly state that socialism was originated and continuously restructured by the Jews .

In his " Daniel J. Elazar : Federalism , Brit , and Implications for Israeli Society " Dr. Ben Mollov calls professor Elazar a " pioneer in the area of Jewish political tradition  " , who internationally recognized authority in the area of federalism . These men ascertain who will wield that authority through Masonic " increasing diversity and ethnic heterogeneity " manipulated by socialist
" cooperative relationships ." Dr. Mollov states here that ; " the sources of federalism lie in Hebraic biblical sources ."...The rest of Dr. Mollov's work espouses socialist brainwashing utilizing terms like " the federalist theology " ( of God and man ) , and the " federation of ancient Israel " using the Bible to promote his " ecumenical world state "of " God's Federal Universe  ", ... based on classical Zionist values enabled by a " federally oriented Israeli society . "   

Professor Elazar had written several books which include ; " Federal Solutions To World Problems ,
Constitutionalizing Globalization , Federal Systems Of The World : A Handbook Of Federal , Confederal And Autonomy Arrangements , and also Federalism And The Way To Peace . All of these are nothing more than smokescreens preparing the stage for the antichrist's arrival .

Great Britain and Ireland house the British Zionist Federation , or , as is more accepted , the Zionist Federation , which was established in 1899 under Lord Rothschild , the United Kingdom's Jewish community leader . Now , the " Christian Friends of Israel " help enable the socialist ruse of the necessity for the spread of global federalism through the " Federation of Christian Ministries . "

There is a long list of entities containing the word " Federation" on the net . I stopped perusing at page 70 , suspecting there may be 70 times 7 more . There are 157 Jewish Federations in North America alone and a list of federated stores .

Of course the United Nations has been proven to have been designed and controlled by communists who promote federalism through their " World Federation of United Nations Associations . " So have democrats promoted federalism through the " Democratic World Federalists " whom Walter Cronkite espoused as, " a democratic federal world government - to deal with world problems...on a global level, with enforceable world law ; with world citizenship under a world executive committee who oversees a world prison system . " Obviously Bible believing Christians will be some of the first imprisoned in Mr. Cronkite's dreamy federal world system , not acquiescing to a Kabbalist oriented oligarchy soon supplanted by a dictator with ten blasphemous crowns .

In the Volokh Conspiracy on the net ; " What Do Conservative Judaism and the Federalist Society Have in Common ? " , the Federalist Society mission statement says that it " is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is , not what it should be . Following that dogmatic premise , Rabbi Kenneth Cohen states , " the role of the rabbi is not to decide what the law should be , but rather what the law is . "  Perhaps this is how dark sentences will be deciphered . Remember , Jewish law today was long ago supplanted by the Talmud and Talmudists are its interpreters . The Talmud , according to them , is superior to all books .

Under " Jewish Philanthropy : the Concept of Tzedekah " on the net , the word federation is mentioned as an organization of communal control with the socialist Jewish hope revealed on page
2 ; that of repairing the world making it perfect under the sovereignty of God . They say that Jewish philanthropy is Jewish federated philanthropy , and they also praise the Satanic Talmudic contributor , Maimonides .

The early unions of the world were fashioned and controlled by communists . In 1916 The Federation of British Industries was founded by Dudley Docker . In 1965 it merged with the British Employers Confederation and National Association of British Manufacturers to become the Confederation of British Industry .

The Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions of the United States and Canada was a federation of labor unions created November 15, 1881 in Pittsburg . The name was changed to the American Federation of Labor on December 8th , 1886. The Knights of Labor , ( officially , " Noble and Holy Order of the Knights of Labor " begun in the 1880's was a communist front , supposedly opposing socialism . It's Great Seal of the Knights of Labor reveal it's Satanic , Masonic bedrock . How many occult symbols do you recognize in it's representation on the net ?

The B'nai B'rith was patterned after Masonic lodges and was birthed by 12 German Jews on October 13 , 1843 in New York city . They called themselves the " Brothers of the Covenant " , or , " Bundes Bruder " who had Masonic-like regalia and rituals . They support Jewish Federations .

The communist contrived Methodist Federation for Social Services was founded by the American traitorous Methodist red dean of socialism , Harry F. Ward . His name is associated with perhaps hundereds of communist front groups and it is reported that Stalin may have been further enlightened about communism through Harry Ward . Methodist women still praise the antiChristian Harry F.
Ward today. The Federal Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches were developed and are still manipulated by communists like Mr. Ward today .

The world will continue to slowly , collectively and progressively accept federalism until the earth's greatest confederate embodies a Jewish man killed and resurrected to become the world's beastliest and short-lived despot . To the 144,000 Jewish Christian male martyrs his demeanor may reflect Star Trek's Mr. Spock's communist , cold , and emotionless t.v. character about whom they may have heard of perhaps centuries before . On a resource page created by Rabbi Yonassan Gershom , link launcher to Jewish Articles about Star Trek , page 1 , the socialist mantra of " social justice " pertaining to Star Trek is honored . On page 2 it is stated that Dr. Spock's " Vulcan culture is based on rabbinical Judaism " , and , that Spock's Vulcan salute is actually symbolic of the " kohane " blessing forming the Hebrew letter " Shin ."  Page 4 displays the " Shalom Hand " similar to the Vulcan salute . Page 5 mentions " a good word about the evil inclination . " ; that is , pertaining to our sinful nature . Regarding an episode called , " The Enemy Within" this rabbi says we need both the evil inclination and the good inclination to reside in us to be complete beings . " The rabbi doesn't understand what Force is with him . He doesn't understand that if he doesn't reject this lie and trust in Christ , he will not live long and prosper . The kohanim blessing also fashioned as a triangle with both hands is pictured on the net being made by Talmudic Jewish priests , and is engraved in many Jewish gravestones . It is also the Masonic triangle . I have watched someone make this sign in front of me before , not knowing then what it was .

Federalism is just another red herring Satan uses as bait to collectively snare whole schools and universities and societies and nationalities of bigger fish on a global scale . Assuredly , he doesn't want people like me making a federal case out of it .

In the Star Trek : Voyager program , Alfred Lloyd Tennyson , ( who resembles Jethro Tull ) , is quoted .
Tennyson 's  "Locksley Hall " was highly prized by the Masons Winston Churchill and president Harry
Truman who carried the socialist leaning poem in his pocket . Star Trek qouted this portion ;
" For I dipt into the future , far as human eye could see, Saw the Vision of the world , and all the wonders that would be . " They did not quote a few following lines which read ; " Till the war-drum throbb'd no longer , and the battle-flags were furled , In the Parliament of man , THE FEDERATION OF THE WORLD . There the common sense of most shall hold a fretful realm in awe , And the kindly earth shall slumber , lapped in UNIVERSAL LAW . "  

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