Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Below , TBN owner and founder Paul Crouch makes the Masonic middle finger glasses adjustment pose . Masons often do this before those they hold in contempt , as they sneer at the person they are mocking with a serious look while doing it . Mr. Crouch had earlier adjusted his glasses with his pointing finger . Though David Jeremiah had no glasses on , he made the demonic middle finger gesture with both fingers on his " Faith " sermon just weeks prior to Mr. Crouch's single middle finger gesture aired recently on his own TBN network . Watch talk programs and see how people adjust their glasses . It will be extremely rare to see people adjust their glasses in this fashion . If you have ever noticed anybody adjust their glasses in this fashion while looking at you , you may find out later they were directly connected with the Masonic Lodge , as I had . Mr. Crouch may not be a Mason , but he either unwittingly , or covertly promotes it .  He and many of his guests and fellow false preachers have made demonic one and two finger gestures for decades . Below will be some recent , poor phone photo messages I sent to my gmail revealing Mr. Crouch's demonic gestures , as well as Adrian Rogers ' two finger gestures he has displayed countless times . His Christmas program background of demonic triquettas are easily discerned above triangles as he forms a complex hand gesture of an eagle while saying Mary picked up Jesus in this fashion . Khruschev said communism , ( now Federalism ) , would subdue the United States through political stealth . That is how England was eventually overtaken , although communism's roots had been much earlier planted by the Rothschilds . As Israel was carried away to Babylon , the United Nations , which called itself Babel years ago , has overtaken the United States , whose roots were also planted in Masonic soil supplied by the Rothschilds . Adrian Rogers also makes the same Wiccan goddess/ Masonic gesture David Jeremiah is famous for . Mr. Rogers never condemned the Masons , as will nobody associated with the ungodly Trinity Broadcasting Network or the Southern Baptists , uncluding Jack Graham who similarly makes the same horned hand gestures Adrian Rogers often made . I did not include pictures of Mr. Rogers' horned hand gestures , but I have the tapes which clearly reveal this unusual speaking gesture . Mr. Rogers' triquettas , featured on Satanically revised New King James Bibles , can be seen in Daniel J. Elazar's works ; " Jerusalem Center For Public Affairs " , which promotes the new and improved communism ; Federalism .


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