Monday, June 11, 2012

More demonic gestures made by TBN heretics on June 10 , 2012

Ed Young has made this gesture more than once.

 I have watched David Jeremiah make witchcraft's " God " pose / Masonic 33rd degree Inspector General pose several dozen times . He only made this pose once Sunday . Below is a picture from a book about witchcraft , for witches , displaying the same close fisted , crossed hands gesture .Witchcraft and Masonry are both rebellion against God . And the " God " pose is spelled by the witches with a capital " G " .

I know these pictures are of poor quality , but you can discern Ed Young's horned hand and David Jeremiah's Wiccan pose easily . I believe every TBN
minister has displayed the horned hand,  and several of them , besides David Jeremiah , have formed the Wiccan goddess pose , which is similar to the " god " posture , but with open palms in the shape of a raven with wings in flight , exemplary of witchcraft . I do not tape most of them because their heresies are so blatant . I focus on David Jeremiah because he seems to be the most blatant example of witchcraft in the pulpit . No other preacher comes close to making five to ten Wiccan gestures during their sermons as he used to . He seems to have cut down on that fairly recently , and totally discarded his Wiccan concentric circles at the program's closing . Perhaps his , and the other TBN
minister's horned hands and Wiccan poses are not Masonic or Wiccan . Then what are they ?
They are still secretive and mysterious . Why do they make them ? How do their secretive actions glorify Christ ? They do not ! David Jeremiah's heresies alone are discernible to true Christians .
David Barton says he opposes Masonry . Perhaps he can shed light on this . Or perhaps his good friend Kenneth Copeland , ( whom I watched blasphemously state ; " I AM too " , on one of his demonically inspired programs ) , can shed some light on this issue of great concern . I make these blogs for the benefit of those who may be new to Christ or may reasonably question TBN's ungodly ministry . I hope they will obtain a trustworthy old King James Bible and study it by themselves until they are sure that Christ has saved them and will lead them into all truth as he said he would .
History channel witch whose pose here is almost the exact same pose as David Jeremiah's numerous gestures made during his sermons , as well as those of some Masons' on the internet .

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