Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It Runs In The Family

Trinity Broadcasting ministers' traits seem familial . David Jeremiah has made this Wiccan "goddess " pose dozens of times and followed immediately with witchcraft's "god " pose . His demonic horned hand has been displayed by many . Below is a picture of Kendra Vaughn Hovey whose " Unique Family " was shown on the History channel years ago . She makes a Wiccan " goddess " pose . The Wiccan " god " pose sketched in a book on witchcraft is also included . Witches practice the horned hand display , as seen exhibited in several by many of Trinity Broadcasting Network's well known preachers .

I am forced to stop here today , Wednesday , June 20th , 2012 . I just emailed myself the last three pictures from my phone in the library and pasted them to this site . I had learned to do this weeks ago , and the process is now mundane . Suddenly , today , I am unable to email the dozen other pictures I have of Billy Graham making a similar goddess pose , and more of Jack Graham 's obvious "god " and " goddess "  poses , and his demonic cross and crown lectern , ( replaced just last week with another cross and crown lectern which is less discernible ) . The old lectern's rails could easily be mistaken for witch's feet, though some would say that might be stretching it to draw that conclusion , but that is how Masonry works . I cannot input Jack Graham's numerous " horned hand " poses , as well as those of Adrian Rogers' , and John Hagee's obvious horned hand signals . I cannot yet put in Jack Graham's picture of placing both middle fingers to his head in almost the exact same pose as had David Jeremiah not long ago . That picture of David Jeremiah is on my blog ,  "...he teacheth with his fingers " . Adrian Rogers'  similar picture with both middle fingers pointing underneath each eye simultaneously is also untransferrable, as are pictures of him making the same Wiccan/ Masonic " god" and " goddess" poses . Another of Billy Graham's guest speakers' , ( Neil Frank ) ,  clearly exhibiting the horned hand salute is untransferrable now . Librarians here who have had years of computer experience have noted the peculiar things that happen to my library computer screen recently . It became milky last week , and been infected with viruses perhaps . I switch screens to attempt to evade the problem , though I know that is futile because my card number is always the same . Viruses eat up my typing as I type sometimes . Should I live long enough to include the pictures I allege I have I'll include them when I can . Blatant threats are something I have learned to live with as a price for exposing witchcraft in the church . Not long ago my phone was blocked by somebody purposely . The FCC restored it for me . I find it ironic that now , after I had transferred  pictures of heretics like David Jeremiah many times to blogs , I can no longer do it . The pictures of Wiccan/Masonic gestures of all these men are on the same type of DVD's I taped from their own programs on television . Now  "message size exceeding" prohibits me from sending almost the exact same formatted pictures an all of the new images I have mentioned above . I'll keep trying . Perhaps the problem is with the blog format size and not with the phone company . I am an older man who is happy to Google and print .

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