Monday, January 13, 2014

A Masonic initiation

 Long ago I was privy to the set-up for a Masonic initiation . I asked one of the men who was preparing the initiation about a life size cloth naked female placed inside the phone booth in the initiation room . He said it was a part of the initiation process . Though I have never attended an initiation , nor was I invited , I can imagine some of the scenarios that may have followed when , surely , the blindfolded initiate was led into the phone booth , after having been allowed to see it before the female cloth doll was placed inside . Was he told to exit the booth and then was the cloth doll replaced with a live woman ? Many Masons have been through this initiation process , although initiations more than likely vary , and are probably left to the discretion of the local Masonic top heirarchy . Masonry is analogous to drug use . As now legalized devilweed is a gateway drug , initiations like this can only lead to further debauchery down the road . Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry both publicly admit organizations like this are so secret that they are not allowed to talk about them openly .

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