Saturday, January 18, 2014

Please undestand if I do not reply to gmail

Because of previous abnormal difficulties I have encountered while exposing Masonic Kabbalism on the net , I choose not to respond to queries . Librarians have encountered computer trouble on their entire systems during my typing , and when I need to ask for their help regarding difficulty I have encountered while typing blogs they remark they have never before seen problems arise such as mine . Entire sentences that I have just typed totally disappear and I must retype them . I did not delete them . When numbering portions of a blog , the number I was about to put on came up by itself . I was just about to type it . One issue on a USB that I never would have made public was placed upon a blog . Though I typed in something entirely different , that was put on the blog . Though these may have simply been computer glitches , wise Christians know that they are targeted for deep scrutiny by entities whose logos employ Masonry's pyramid . When I began to expose Masonry in a church I was openly mocked and later intimidated . Phone texts related to the United Nations were reason for concern . Tracking down the texter would probably be an exercise in futility . I have kept my phone number as secretive as necessary . As I had mentioned before , a friend who exposed Masonry had been threatened with death . I only hope to make Christians aware that today's churches are occult and that the television ministry is leading the way . Kabbalism was the major root of America's churches . My previous blogs provide enough historic evidence to validate that argument . My wish is to urge Christians , non-Christians , and unbelieving Jews , to read the King James Bible for themselves to see if Christ will reveal himself to them through those pages he in essence wrote himself .

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