Monday, January 27, 2014

Mormon Kabbalism

Why are so many Mormons associated with Masonry , whose foundation has been proven to be Kabbalism ? The Mormon answer can be found on the net under , " Joseph Smith and Kaballah : The Occult Connection " , by Lance S. Owens . Hermeticism , Gnosticism and Kabbalism , ( all a part of Masonry) , were promoted through the Mormon History Association's annual award for best article by Mr. Owens regarding the above mentioned title in 1995 . As the occult based Trinity Broadcasting Network has continually tried to mislead the world that God's only begotten and obedient Son was a " revolutionary ",  so this author wants to inspire Mormons to be " revolutionaries . " He correctly states that the Mormon leader , Joseph Smith , possessed a " familiar " spirit wed to Gnosticism and Rosicrucian mysticism , through creative " interaction with Kabbalah " , assuring the Jewish Kabbalah's mystical and prophetic " tradition " to have been of Jewish conception , whose roots are deeply embedded in witchcraft . The author states that Smith ; " contacted symbols and lore taken directly from Kabbalah " , and that he had entered Masonry , a tradition of the Hermetic Kabbalistic tradition . That " familiar spirit " is the same type of interactive spirit that led Alice Bailey to compose her library of occultism upon which the United Nations is based . At least the author Owens is open about it . Now , occultism is acceptable , particularly in the assumed " Christian " churches , as well as in cults like Mormonism .

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