Monday, January 13, 2014

I made a Youtube video of Billy Graham's promotion of today's false tongue speaking

It is titled , " Billy Graham promotes the ungodly charismatic movement "


  1. Impressive! I really like your blog.
    Thanks for the post.
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    1. You're welcome . Don't have a computer , and with about 900 YouTubes and almost 700 blogs I gave up trying to keep up with everything . Just noticed this today while looking for something else . John Smith .

  2. My YouTubes of Billy Graham and half of Trinity Broadcasting's guests displaying the Talmudic middle finger(s)of hatred for Christ are numerous . Some are : Billy Graham middle finger regular speed Washington D.C. ; Yet another Billy Graham middle finger in his Boise Idaho 1 ;Billy Graham in Anchorage Alaska , 1984 displays his middle finger ; Mr. Graham again very quickly and purposely displays his middle finger : He made many of these . In my 900 plus YouTubes I have revealed hundreds of proofs from TBN pastors and guests who have not so cunningly displayed numerous Wiccan , ( Talmudic ) , signals such as the witches' pyramid , the devil hand , witchcraft's god and goddess signs and others . Some of them are on my 600 plus blogs also . Of course I have received many threats for doing this . I owe it to Christ and his church to expose false teachers .