Monday, January 13, 2014

Jack Graham made four El Diablos in this January 12 , 2014 aired program

 He also made Billy Graham's Mummy's ghost display more than once . TBN ministers suspected of being Masons often make the devil hand sign with one hand , while pointing uupward with the opposite hand's pointer finger . Often they will form two devil hands simultaneously . Close inspection of all of their middle finger rebukes and finger formations such as these El Diablos reveal purposefully retracted middle fingers while craftily being a little sloppy about fully retracting the ring finger . Jack Graham made perhaps hundreds of Billy Graham's devil's gate formations , as have most other TBN preachers .
When they keep these hand formations for twenty or more seconds as they walk across their podiums continuing to display these peculiar poses , they are emphasizing the seriousness of the visual code they are transmitting .

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