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The crown of the Talmud

God's adversary , the devil , was probably only a minute percentage of heaven's angels . In 2013 the world's estimated Jewish populations was reported as .20 % . The number of angels in the Bible is said to be innumerable . That makes Satan a very small minority . But that minority gained major control of the entire earth whose heart contains the Masonic 33 % of those angels whom Satan hoodwinked into following him . From the earth's first generation on Satan's Magus , ( magi , ancients , wise ones etc., have bewitched both the common and uncommon man through sorcery , which includes witchcraft 's divination utilizing magic words , charms , spells drugs , and astrology . He still bewitches people today through sermons given by those who claim to represent Christ .

For millennia the devil has used Babylonian Talmudism to deceive Jewish Pharisees up to the present . On the net's " What About The Oral Torah ? " , John J. Parsons stated that ; " Rabbinnical Judaism believes that two Torahs were given to Moses " at Mt. Sinai . ..the written Torah and the oral Torah ( in Kabbalistic traditions there is even a third or " hidden " Torah as revealed in the Zohar . " He later states that ; " The oral Torah was considered a legally binding commentary on the written Torah interpreting and explaining how its commandments are to be carried out . " He also called Messianic Jews heretics who deserved a curse to be recited upon them with the Birkat Ha Minim " blessing . " This pyramid shaped "blessing" given by countless t.v. preachers since the inception of television , is actually a curse . Birkat Ha Minim may still be seen on the net today . This hand configuration represents witchcraft's Babylonian Talmudism . The witches' pyramid curse is identical except for the slight finger space variation . Talmudism has been an integral facet of American churches through Masonry practiced by the founding fathers .  Wikipedia's Priestly Blessing may still show the picture of the gravestone of Rabbi and Kohen Meschullam Kohn with witchcrafts' occult pyramid logo as the focus with Talmudism's the " Crown of the Talmud " above it . Messianic Jewish rabbis also perform this curse . The Kabbalah is also known as " The Supreme Crown . " Jewish leaders have never stopped practicing witchcraft . These Jewish leaders are still reverenced today as Pharisees by the Jewish people .

My 1960 Encyclopedia Britannica states that the Talmud is the central document of Hebrew literature and authority of Jewish law . Countless other Jewish Encyclopedias and Jewish works agree with that . Robert M . Seltzer's book , " Jewish People , Jewish Thought , The Jewish Experience in History ", states that the Talmud is " a holy book containing a finely honed selection of paradigmatic instances of Jewish action . The Mishna was , and still is the " Oral Torah " in the sense that some of its traditions were thought to have been delivered to Moses at Mt. Sinai then passed on by word of mouth and not written down in the Bible , but the Mishnah presupposed that Oral Torah was an ongoing process in which each successive generation could participate by reasoning and reflection . "

This is how witchcraft used to be passed down , by word of mouth from generation to generation . In Masonry it is said you may repeat that which is written , but not that which is spoken .Talmudic  Masonry is a combination of oral and written deception , its own written history attesting to that fact . The Talmud has long been called the Talmud Torah , or , simply the Torah , purposely to confuse some people . Talmud means  " tradition " , which is what Jesus condemned in the Bible . This is another of the myriad of reasons Jews hate the Bible . In condemning Pharisaical tradition he also condemned their Kabbalah whose Hebrew meaning is also " tradition  " , and " the theosophical interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures ." Alice Bailey's Masonic Theosophy is nothing but demonic hidden doctrines , hidden wisdom sought by Masons and witches who call themselves " the wise ones . " According to some witches this hidden wisdom may mean grace , but it is not the Biblical " grace " provided through Christ who is repeatedly blasphemed in the Talmud .

On page 1 of 6 of " Understanding The Mystery Of Godliness " part 1 of Gates to Zion Ministries , the author correctly states that rabbinical Judaism is not correct , but , holding to Talmudic tradition of self-contradiction , on the next page he states ; " at best we still hold the Mishna ( commentary on Torah ) as a good means of reference , but not on the same level as the revelation of the written Scriptures themselves . " This pseudo-Christian ministry thus condones reverence for the Satanic Talmud . In its Parasha 31 : Emor ( Speak /Say ) Vayikra / Leviticus 21 : 1-24 : 23 ... Page 1 of 7 he states that the New Testament's superiority over its old counterpart is " so called . " This is blasphemy , annulling the work of Christ , but this author has no trouble saying it , and understandably so , being a devotee of the Talmud . His reasoning and arguments are poor at best .

Many sources point to the fact that Kabbalistic Talmudic Masonry is based on Jewish witchcraft .
America's founder of Reform Judaism , Isaac Mayer Wise , according to one television documentary , said that , " Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment , whose history , grades , official appointments , passwords , and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end . " Rabbi Wise also correctly prophesied , ( as did Alice Bailey ) , that : " America would be the promised land , the perfect setting for reform . " It was said of Wise in the same television documentary that ," Wise believed that the direction in which Judaism was going , and the direction America was going , would ultimately converge , and that Reform Judaism would not only be the vanguard of Judaism , but it would be the religious vanguard of the United States itself . " That prophesy has proven true , evidenced in the Talmudic Masonry pervasive in ministries around the world . Talmudists , witches , Masons and communists are all working and praying for The United Nations' Talmudic " Kingdom of God on Earth " with the false Christ sitting on the rebuilt temple's throne . The United Nations solicits the prayers of witches to pray for his arrival through witchcraft's and Masonry's love of " Triangles " , ( groups of three ) , in their demonic " Prayer of Invocation . " In another t.v. documentary about Judaism a narrator proclaimed that Jesus was bringing in a " new order " . Jesus was not bringing in a new order , but this deception coalesces with the anticipation of Talmudic communism which has been germinating a " new world order " heralded by many presidents and statesmen who exhibit the devil hand sign as they unwittingly , or perhaps wittingly , smile at cameras .  The false Christian television network has been flooded with such signs and others of Talmudic designs for many decades .

Under the net's " What Come - and - Hear ( T-M ) tolerance for the Satanic Talmud is requested . Tolerance is another well known Masonic mantra . These people lie when they say Christian Jewish theology have followed two parallel paths . Satan's basic ploy is to engage people in conversation . But he himself is unreasonable and it is an exercise in futility to think you can reason with him . On page 1 of " What We're About " it is stated that " The Talmud is the book that lies closest to the heart of Judaism..is one of the wonders of the world and it still dominates the minds of a whole people , who venerate its contents as divine truth . " On page 3 they parrot other Jewish voices which say Talmudic Oral Law is divine and authoritative , binding and immutable . Though they state that Conservative and Reform Jews don't fully yet acquiesce to the binding power of the Talmud they acknowledge its religious ideas and observances . They also state on this page that many Gentiles study the Talmud .

That is easy to say but hard to prove , though some Masons may view it . On one page of this topic they mention Elizabeth Dilling who exposed the truth about the Satanic Talmud and its hate for Christ . On page 5 they quote Rabbi Neusner who said ; " Talmudic scholarship is to a certain extent self-contradictory , a type of  sacred intellectualism . It places unparalleled emphasis on the theoretical , analytical , and critical aspects of human thought . No individual can study the Talmud without being or becoming an eternal skeptic . "  These liars then paint Elizabeth Dilling as a " sincere Talmud student . " Elizabeth studied the Talmud and exposed its blasphemies . She had absolutely no respect for a Satanic work that she knew dominated the Jewish world many years ago as it still does today through the control of modern day Jewish Pharisees . There are many Jews who know this to be true , but they are reluctant to talk about it out of concern for their own safety as are men who divorce themselves from the Masonic lodge . These liars said that Elizabeth Dilling " distorted the normative meanings of rabbinic texts . " These rabbinic texts are so demonically inspired they need not be distorted to reveal their demonic inspiration . I hope to include this site's own quotes of the Talmud it loves in order to give some examples of that allegation . And Elizabeth's Dilling's desire was not to foment hatred for the Jews . It was meant to expose the evils of the Talmud which was , and still is practiced by many Jewish men today who desire to exemplify the crown of the Talmud as Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld portrays in his article , " The Crown of Torah " on the net .
Remember , the Torah is actually the Talmud , which he references in his article .

This pro-Talmud site warns people that it contains what some may consider " adult " material , and they ask those curious to come with an open mind . That is one of Satan's best ploys .They essentially state that Talmudists must be " double-minded ", as Talmudism dogmatically asserts that " two opposing statements can be both true at the same time . " Christians do not think that way . Most people don't think that way . But in order to thoroughly brainwash the neophyte , Talmudists sear the conscience with a hot iron , disabling true intellectualism , replacing it with Talmudic " critical thinking . " On page 2 of their 17 page " Critical Words Of Talmud Study " they say ; " In order to understand the union of opposites being espoused by Rabbi Steinsaltz , it is necessary to glimpse the doctrines of Judaic mysticism , ( the Kaballah ) . " This is the heart of those Jews in positions of spiritual power today as it was thousands of years ago . Moses is contemptible to them . The Talmud is their mystical king who has a crown . Whatever Satan whispers into the ears of a receptive rabbi and is accepted by other leading Jewish mystics becomes law . This is how Satan worked through Alice Bailey . God is known as the infinite God , Ein-Sof , who will enable Satan's " union of contradictions " mentioned on page 3 . They say that statements can be true and false at the same time , as they thank Dr. Drob " for clarifying . " This is poor brainwashing , but with the help of knowledgeable Talmudic rabbis the confusion can be understood . They then on this page suggest the reader look at " Practical Kabbalah , A Verifiable Storehouse For Magicians . "  Do you still think Christians and Jews are on the same path now ? Elizabeth Dilling knew they weren't and so do many Christians not deceived by the Trinity Broadcasting Network whose ministers continually give a Talmudic pyramidal " sign " cursing those who watch them .

This site has the audacity to state that " Jews who reject the Oral Law of the Talmud in favor of the Written law of the Old Testament have been denounced as " idolaters ."  This is coercive brainwashing , threatening any open minded Jews , whom I encourage to read the King James Bible .

On page 5 they admit that it was Jesus' enemies , the Pharisees , who developed and passed down
Oral Law and eventually committed it to writing . The Pharisees had the essence of the Talmud before Christ was born . They also admit that " Phariseeism became Talmudism , Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism , and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism enabling the spirit of the ancient Pharisees unaltered . " They say to call a contemporary rabbi a Pharisee would prove fairly true . ( Unfortunately though , according to their own " union of contradictions " that may not prove fairly true . ) They quote a Universal Jewish Encyclopedia saying , " The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent , without a break , through all the centuries , from the Pharisees . "

On page 7 of 17 of " Critical Words Of Talmud Study " it is stated ; " whatever rabbis accept as religious literature is Torah . " They go on to say that " some Jewish scholars assert that the Jewish people as a whole constitute the Messiah . " This is communism's  "one new humanity " espoused by  Messianic Jews . They state that the Torah is the book of the Pharisees and that the old testament was NOT the book of the Pharisees . This is obviously the Talmudic rejection of the old testament and Moses whom Jesus said the Pharisees hated . They state that the Talmud is the record of Pharisaic teachings . Little do they know that it was the devil himself who was teaching the Pharisees . Again on page 8 of 17 they say , "So strong is the Jewish faith in the Pharisaic ideas contained in the Talmud , the Jews who reject the Talmud have been labeled idolaters . " They quote the Talmud 's Mishna , ( Babylonian Talmud Tractate Niddah 33b Soncino 1961 Edition , pages 232-233 ) , verifying that religious threat to all Jews . Page 10 of 17 states that Rabbinical Decisions , NOT SCRIPTURE , Rule Conduct ! This is the Talmudic club they use ; " As soon as a man goes forth from Halachic to study Scripture he no longer has peace . " Without Christ they had no peace anyway . Obeying the Pharisees will only drag one into deeper spiritual bondage . On page 13 they state that " the Talmudic legal system is tantamount to the very law of God ."  On page 22 of their " America's New Government Church " they unashamedly state that their own contrived  " social righteousness " (communism's social justice ) , through the Universal religion of Judaism , ( which is witchcraft ) , that those who stray from their path should be killed by right of America's Noahide Laws . They quote Babylonian Tractate Sanhedrin 56a Soncino 1961 Edition page 381 to validate this suggested threat . According to their wishes , only one witness is required to have a Gentile killed . The gentile need not be given a warning . A trial , ( if one ensues ) , will be held by a single judge without a jury .

On page 6 of 36 under " America's New Government Church " they openly admit that Today's Talmud doctrine requires Christians to be put to death for practicing their religion . They state that " The Noah's Covenant " website calls for the death sentence for Christians . Remember , this site is promoting the Talmud and thus promoting the execution of Christians . Obviously the appeal is illogical to Christians , using the pretense that Christianity should accept Tamudic thought , yet it is perfectly logical for followers of the Talmud .

Other obvious demonic suggestions are quoted on page 4 of their Talmudic rules regarding " Sex With Children " . On page 5 of their " Sex With Children By Talmudic Rules " , grown men would be allowed legally to rape boys under the age of nine . Of course they use the phrase " have sexual relations with boys under the age of nine " , quoting Sahhedrin 54b . Little boys and little girls can be forced into or talked into having sexual relations with adults but God has given every child that self protecting innate repulsion of it , that most adults retain . The self proclaimed " wickedest man in history " Aleister Crowley introduced the practice of male homosexual sex magic into the Ordo Templi Orientis as one of the highest degrees of the order , claiming it to be magic's most powerful avenue . Crowley was allegedly a member of the Golden Dawn and a 33rd degree Freemason in the Scottish rite , 3 degree in the Anglo-Saxon Lodge No. 343,33 degree in the irregular Cerneau Scottish Rite , and 90/95 ddegree of the Rite of Memphis/Misrain . But sexual deviation is typical of Talmudic behavior and is no surprise at all .

In their chapter " America Under The Talmud " page 4 of 7 states ; " The Talmud says it is o.k. to sacrifice Jewish children if done correctly . " This is old testament Jewish witchcraft continued . God finally gave them up to worship the host of heaven because they continued to practice witchcraft , rebelling against him . Jews became twice the sinful daughters of their sister Samaria regarding witchcraft . They remain blind to this day , as the Bible says . Page 5 of the same suggests the Talmud allows up to 48 wives in a Jewish harem . On page 6 they state that the Talmudic system should be a religious perfection regulating " ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING . " The world's most adept Talmudist will proclaim himself to be God in the temple of God doing just that ... regulating everything . On page 32 of the same it is taught that Jews are to hate Christian missionaries and do anything possible to cause their death . The only reason that Jews have allowed Christians in Judea is that their Talmudic efforts to raise money for them through worldwide Masonry and other demonic efforts such as the United Nations they helped conceive still works . Talmudic Jews in Jerusalem allow Christians there because even they themselves know that Christianity has been subverted by Talmudists , and , that Christians support the protection of the Jewish nation , which I , as a Christian also support . But God will protect the Jews , even the Talmudists and their adherents , until 144,000 Jewish men believe the two Jewish prophets who will send God's final plagues upon the earth which has been deceived through the sorceries of the whore of Babylon , Jerusalem , who has killed all the prophets sent her , and will continue to do so through Talmudic machination .
Many of my blogs will be seen as anti-Jewish , which they are not . It is Talmudism that is anti-Jewish , rejecting Moses , the prophets and their Messiah , and accepting leadership of the devil .
I was diligent to be careful to state facts that could be proven and that God would approve . Following will be a somewhat inclusive list of my blogs which Biblically reveal that the Jewish antichrist will conclude his conspiracy in Jerusalem's rebuilt temple through Talmudic and communist influences ; that it was the Talmudists who subverted the Christian church and proliferated hatred for it through the Oral and written Talmud . Elizabeth Dilling was another inspiration to me , but was not the initial catalyst for my research for the truth . It was the blatant heresies promoted by the ungodly Trinity Broadcasting Network that sparked my deeper investigation of the corruption of the church through Talmudism ; that piqued my already aroused curiosity , knowing beforehand communism played a major role . And it was the endless stream of demonic hand signals given by preachers and TBN guests that was icing on their cakes to the queen of heaven that assured me today's Christianity is controlled by Talmudic power . Here are a few of
the blogs that I hope might be used against me and displayed as evidence against someone falsely accused of being anti-Jewish . The Bible commands Christians not to be , and more than likely , most Christians before coming to Christ never were , as I was not ;

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  1. Revelation 11:8, 17:1, 17:18, 18:10, 18:2-3, 18:23-24


    GENESIS 49:10..Tells us that JESUS IS KING OF JUDAH TODAY...making us THE TRUE ISRAEL OF GOD..(Matt 2:6, Micah 5:2) Now RE-EDUCATE YOURSELF as to what ZECHARIAH 12 AND 13 IS SAYING...and you will see its nothing to do with Isra-hell of today..but only about the things of God..and his people...There are TWO JERUSALEMS...earthly Jerusalem that is called the HOME OF DEVILS IN REVELATION..and then there is the HEAVENLY JERUSALEM..THE SPIRITAL KINGDOM OF CHRIST..Didnt Jesus tell you that THE KINGDOM OF CHRIST IS NOW? .Yes he did...therefore in Zechariah..Jerusalem is Us..not that place in the desert..

    EDOM- is Jew...They said they would build up the desolate places..(Jerusalem according to scripture)...BUT GOD SAID HE WOULD TEAR EVERYTHING DOWN THEY BUILT.....The Revelation scriptures I gave you..along with your MORE ACCURATE VIEW OF ZECHARIAH...shows you...GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL..

    There is no such thing as a Anti Christ man...a State of Israel that is of God..a temple to be built...or revived animal sacrifices..as God never ordained them in the first place..People did...(Jeremiah 7:22 Psalms 40:60 and many more.) For God to revive animal sacrifices would destroy the WORK OF CHRIST ON THE CROSS..

    THESE ARE ALL JEWISH FABLES due to the fact that Jewish Rabbis CANNOT INTERPRET THE BIBLE..they do not have the Holy Spirit of God..which is why they come up with all this FAIRY TALE DRAMA STORIES..

    Christ said...when he comes..everything will seem normal..People will be eating drinking..marrying ..building...nothing more....NOT ALL THAT LEFT BEHIND DRAMA GARBAGE ON THE SATANS MINISTERS STATIONS..WHERE Christians are running around hiding..living in a hollow log...and other silly things like that..WERE SEALED BY GOD...WERE SAFE..BUT NEVER FORGET..PEOPLE PERISHED FOR LACK OF BIBLICAL KNOWLEDGE...so you MUST read the bible..all the time..because the HOLY SPIRIT CONTINUALLY SHOWS YOU SOMETHING NEW IN SCRIPTURE..Things of Wisdom.and Knowledge..about the real world we live in...I THINK MOST PEEPS DO NOT GET THE REAL PICTURE taught in scripture....ITS TO BIG...TO CONCEIVE as many people live in fear because they do not Trust in God

    The Jews have nothing to do with the things of God today...There is noting in the bible..about them.except they would infiltrate our churches...and create an evil global gov..which became apparent it would be a Jewish controlled gov since 1948..and their take over of America..using us to kill our own brethern in the Middle East..

    SOME CHRISTIANS LIKE ESAU..have sold their BORN AGAIN BIRTH RIGHT...It did not please God when Esau did it..and Im sure its not pleasing to god for Christian Zionists to do it as well..CHRISTIAN ZIONISM..IS JUST JUDAISM WITH A FALSE CHRIST LIKE FLAIR TO IT...ITS AN ANTI CHRIST CULT..becauae it changed the GOSPEL OF CHRIST..

  2. MATTHEW 21:33..THE PARABLE OF THE TENETS...The Jews have changed the teachings of the bible to be about them...Christ was put into the back seat..and we Christians are the red headed step children...Jews have made themselves into Gods...BUT WHEN YOU KNOW THE TRUTH..YOU CAN SEE ..THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT THE JEWS IN THOSE VERSES AT ALL.

    DAVID 9:25- No Jews there..only Jesus......ZECHARIAH 12 and 13. no Jews there..only Christ and his people.....and the BOOK OF REVELATION 1:1..This is the REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST...see..no Jews there either..

    I CORINTHIANS 9:20..I became as a JEW so as to win the Jews to Christ..I became as ONE UNDER THE LAW..so as to win those under the Law..

    See...two entirely different peoples..the Jews and those Under the Law..


    Judaism was being practiced when Christ came..AMOS tells us the Israelite relgion died long before that..

    Amos 9:8 tells us that ISRAEL WAS NO MORE..BUT A REMNANT WOULD BE SAVED..and that REMNANT OF JACOB are the people that began the Christian Church..(Romans 11:5)

    The bible tells us the NATIONS OF THE EARTH DESTROY THE HARLOT OF BABYLON AND THE GLOBAL GOV which scripture says is located in Palestine- JERUSALEM..whom God told us had become the Home of Devils and Vile spirits..,.I WOULD NEVER GO TO ISRA-HELL...OR GIVE THEM ONE RED CENT OF MY MONEY. TO SUPPORT THEIR DEMONIC WORKS.

    PRAY BEFORE READING SCRIPTURE...PRAY THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD TO OPEN UP TRUTH TO YOU and keep you in truth.....and it will happen..its the most amazing thing that Ive ever experienced..

  3. Judaism in the church today...


    Jeh means 'a god'

    Scripture tells us that in Heaven where the God of the bible dwells..THERE IS NO WICKEDNESS..therefore..Jehovah is not the God of Creation..

    JEHOVAH..the national name of the God of the Jews



    Judith - Yehudiwyth (wife of ESAU)


    How the Jews have gotten Christians to pray to THEIR GOD....but Jesus warned us..and told us ONLY TO CALL GOD THE FATHER..USING THE NAME OF JESUS..so our prayers will be directed where you wanted them to go ..I believe this type of deception happened to Ancient Israel too..and brought them into captivity...just as we see happening to America today..But I think many Christians are returning BACK TO THE TRUTH...and God is beginning to give us back our nation..even the ELECT WERE DECEIVED..I used to be one of them..but no longer..and IVe heard this from MANY EX ZIONIST CHRISTIANS..

    LUCIFER...(jah means 'a god')
    pronounced as HEY-LELE

    LUCIFER IS GOD.......shocked? I was too...There is more!


    AMEN...Its Jewish Rabbinic LAW to say AMEN AFTER ALL PRAYERS..

    THE EGYPTIAN GOD OF CREATION (Jerusalem spiritually known as Sodom and Egypt..)

    CHRIST NEVER SAID AMEN..and neither should we..