Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dispensational Dissonance

The Scofield reference Bible exacerbated the heresies of dispensationalism to the point that the church has been almost totally subverted by its lies . Cyrus Scofield was tutored by the dispensationalist John Nelson Darby who crafted the unbiblical " rapture " which had not been heard of until 1827 years after Christ's death . Did Jesus forget to tell us something ? Darby also taught Scofield about an unbiblical seven dispensations which were considered to be nonsense in his day . Darby himself was unsure about his own unbiblical additions until 1845 . After visiting an occultist named Margaret MacDonald , who falsely prophesied and spoke in tongues and made the ludicrous assertion that Christ's return would be in two stages , Darby began the Plymouth Brethren in England . Darby falsely claimed that parts of the Bible were directed only to Jews and not to Christians . He was a great influence on Cyrus Scofield who contrived a reference Bible in 1909 . Scofield received financial aid for his heretical work by a conspiratorial group in Boston known as the Secret Six . He accepted the heresies of two socialist spiritualists named Westcott and Hort who knew themselves to be heretics and doubted that their works would be accepted . Scofield's heresies are documented in the works of Charles Trumbull and Joseph Canfield who was influenced by Scofield .

From the very beginning dispensationalism was considered a cult . Scofield's dispensational chart from the Divine Plan of the Ages , ( still used in a form by today's churches thanks to dispensationalists like Tim LaHaye and Hal Lindsay ) , was based upon the heretical ideas of the Jehovah's Witness Charles Taze Russell who believed in three dispensations . Serious dispensationalists who say they believe in the King James Bible occasionally have the temerity to tell those who do not believe as they do that they will go to hell . These people are wiser than seven men who can reason with them . It will take prayer and fasting to enable them to realize the truth they say they find in the King James Bible . Arguing with them is an exercise in futility and is unbiblical also .
Their beliefs are as heretical as those of Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses and it is wise not to associate with them because they are in essence unbelievers who pervert the Word of God . Heresy is listed as one of the sins in Galatians 5:20 which will prohibit entrance into heaven .

John Nelson Darby believed in Alice Bailey's " Coming  One . " This obviously will be the antichrist . The United Nations' occult theosophy is based upon her works . The occult New King James Bible , ( touted by many preachers today ) , also tells of " the Coming One " in its Luke 7 :19 and 20 , and in Matthew 11:3 . Alice Bailey spoke of Satan's " Coming One " in her book , " The Externalization of the Heirarchy " several times . Djwahl Khul penned through her ; " The Great White Lodge is the abode of the lesser Avatar who is in close touch with the Christ ...the Coming One ...the rider on the white horse . " In section III , Forces Behind the Evolutionary Progress of the Race , The Doctrine of Avatars , May, 1941 , Satan spoke through her again saying ; " As we enter the momentous month of May this year , I have asked myself if there is any way in which I can arouse the world aspirants and my disciples to a truer appreciation of the immanent significance of the presented opportunity , and also if there is any way in which I can simplify and make more real to you the Doctrine of the Coming One - linked as it is to the teaching of every great religion...religion has emerged from the realm of the mystical into the clearer atmosphere of the occult ...that ( at major moments of world need ) God reveals Himself Through Appearances , through a Coming One ...The antiquity of the achievement of this Coming One is to be found in the name applied to him , which is found in so many of the world Scripture . " In her Satanic prayer called " The Great Invocation " her false Jesus' name was later replaced by " The Coming One " . On the net's , " John Nelson Darby Waited for " The Coming One " these quotes of Darby are found regarding his and Alice's " Coming One " ; " Thus time is brought in in connection with him who is eternal - the coming One - who is , was , and is coming ... One who was ( had revealed himself in previous ages to the earth or to men , to the Abrahams and Moseses of old time ) , and at the same time was the coming One who would make good everything revealed of and by Himself ...The axe is at the root of the trees , the fan is in the hand of the coming One ...True faith , in the midst of such a system , never rises so high as the glory of the coming One ... Innocence , man without law and lawless , promise coming in as a thing apart , man under law , under priesthood , obedient royalty with law , sovereign unlimited royalty over the world , prophets to recall to law and to foretell the coming One and judgments ...the Almighty , Jehovah , the coming One , the God who is coming...The character of God here is Jehovah , the ancient of days , who is , and who was , and is the coming One ...He presents Himself in Nazareth , His natural home on earth as the fulfillment of the coming One in its moral blessing . "

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