Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Untrustworthy Dead Sea Scrolls

Trinity Broadcasting has always promoted the propaganda of the unwarranted importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls , calling them the world's greatest archaeological discovery . TBN's behind the scenes Talmudic handlers want to make sure that continues . The Crouches long ago subjugated themselves to Talmudic influence , featuring unbelieving Jewish rabbis who promote the Talmud as experts regarding Christianity .

 In Robert Steltzer's , " Jewish People , Jewish Thought , The Jewish Experience in History , " the fifth chapter states on page 779 , note 11,  that most scholars accept that the Qumran Dead Sea Scrolls were written by the Essenes , as does note 11 . On page 220 of this Jewish history it is stated that the Jewish vegan Essenes , ( who may have had historical connection with the Hasideans ) , were separatist associations of brotherhoods in Judean towns who studied holy books , who strove for religious perfection and swore obedience to the rules and leadership of the community and promised to keep secret its special doctrines .  Page 222 states that the Essene " Qumran sect considered itself the true heir of the Mosaic covenant and of the divine promises in the scriptures . Those misled men considered themselves the elect , the Sons of Light , who would eventually overcome those who were hostile to God , the Sons of Darkness . The parallel to Masonry is obvious . Also under notes 11 of page 779 it is stated that the Essenes required  "oaths of secrecy. " The leader of the Essenes was known as " The Leader of Righteousness . " The Essenes practiced celibacy and were totally self sufficient , renouncing war , slavery and earthly distinctions . For the most part , the Jews of that time rejected this mystical fraternity.   

The Dead Sea Scrolls contain pieces of every old testament book except for Esther . They contain the complete book of Isaiah . But they contain numerous heretical books that have been promoted by the late day Pharisees . Those books are ; the Pseudepigrapha , which includes Tobit , Sirach , Enoch , Jubilees , and some of the Apocrypha and many others . The more recent promotion of these heresies has been kindled by professor Lawrence Schiffman who seems to be an advocate of Jewish Talmudism which glorifies the Second Temple era . He said that the ungodly book of Maccabees rendered worthy information , and that the scrolls " give us a tremendous amount of further information about that period . " He says the possibilities of finding new information " are endless . "
Understandably , those who promote the Pharisaical viewpoint , already dominant in Christianity, will continue to lead the way for a deeper syncretization between unbelieving Judaism and the current false church subverted by the Pharisees . He seems to promote the same Essene " Jewish mysticism . "
In his DriveThru History , Dave Stotts recently extolled the Dead Sea Scrolls . He is an articulate , intelligent , witty and amiable man who I gather would go to great lengths to help a stranger in need . It is sad to see someone so gifted promote the invalid Dead Sea Scrolls as he forms Masonic witches pyramids during his programs . He may not be a Mason , but he has cast American Masonic forefathers in good light .

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