Monday, August 25, 2014

Greg Laurie Playing In The Pigpen Cipher

Knowing Greg Laurie to be a heretic who exhibits the same witches' pyramid and other Masonic signals as Billy Graham and most of TBN's array of false teachers , I discerned a parallel between Masonry's WXYZ Pigpen /Masonic Cipher seen on the net and Greg Laurie's logo . I didn't have time to examine most of Galatians 4 blog on the net , " A Video Warning About Greg Laurie " ,  but I noticed this comment regarding Mr. Laurie's strange " Christian " logo . One person commented that his " X " logo was an inverted square and compass . The net's Pigpen /Masonic Cipher 's WXYZ with W's and Z's dots look strikingly similar . Just a fascinating coincidence ; Witchcraft and Zohar !

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