Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gorbachev and Graham

Mr. Graham may have actually believed Mr. Gorbachev was not actually evil when he mentioned in one of his old televised sermons that he had spoken with the ever committed communist Mikhail Gorbachev who proclaimed that Jesus was the first communist . Mr. Graham had once spoken with the world's " Mr. Green " in 1987 at a White House state dinner . Mr. Graham was then quoted by the New York Times as saying ; " It was the highlight of my time so far . Mr. Gorbachev summed up what is happening in the Soviet Union , what he believes about the future . He painted a beautiful picture of the world in which we are all brothers . " And if Mr. Graham had talked with the United Nations' co-Mason , Alice Bailey , he would have been quoted by the New York Times saying the same thing .

Mr. Graham said in this sermon that he had studied everything he could get his hands on about the occult Mayans who cut out human hearts . ( The United Nations' brotherhood of Masons may have been impressed with that . ) Oh , that Mr. Graham had studied everything he could have about communism within the U.S. government ; communism he supposedly opposed . Oh , that he had read about Mr. Gorbachev's call for a " nongovernmental commission of wise men " and a " Council of Elders " such as that which is still controlled by the Pharisees . ( Or had he ? That Council of Elders  might of necessity have made Mr. Graham a token Elder .) Oh, that he had studied the demonic depths of the communist/Talmudic machinations of Mr. Green Cross International's promotion of religious tolerance which gave a green light for Mr. Graham to preach his gospel of commitment to communist selected crowds in Russia . Mr. Gorbachev knew that allowing Mr." Facing Both Ways " Graham to preach would further enable Mr. Gorbachev's " spirit of global solidarity  ", further subverting a  beguiled world with greater depths of communism . Mr. Gorbachev's goal has always been to revive and restore communism , which is the new Federalism , which is Talmudism , whose hopes are to produce occult Christianity's " one new man . " Both men are but puppets in Satan's grand scheme .

In 2006 The Progressive Labor Party Literature regarding Road to Revolution , ( Revolution being TBN's mantra ) , stated this ; " Everyone must be a communist organizer for this to work ; we must all give and receive leadership from each other . Communism can be won only through armed struggle of workers , soldiers , students and others to destroy the dictatorship of the capitalist class and set up communism-dictatorship of the working class . " Notice that communists require "armed"
struggle . It is communists who stir up crowds and agitate situations worldwide which result in civil disturbances and rioting in which people are seriously hurt and often killed . The common protesting man or woman does not bring a Molotov cocktail to throw at police during " peaceful " protests . Communism hopes for a world of one religion under one messianic dictator ; Alice Bailey's Masonic dictator of perhaps Jewish Cohen lineage who will do away with the aspect of Gentile Masonry entirely before he proclaims himself God in the rebuilt Jewish temple .

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