Monday, August 18, 2014

Jack Graham again displays the double middle fingers to his head

Jack Graham seems to still be chained to occultism as evidenced in his 8/17/14 sermon , " The Freedom To Let Go . " This is one of his sermons regarding his " Unchained " series . When Romans 12:19 comes on the screen this man , still tethered to occult practices of what others attribute to Kabbalism , says, " When God forgives , he forgets , well , that doesn't mean that God has some kind of holy amnesia ..." , Mr. Graham for at least the third time in about five years quickly places both middle fingers to his head . In my Youtube and blog sites I have documented this type of witchcraft sign , as well as other signs , similarly made by Billy Graham , David Jeremiah and other Trinity Broadcasting Network deceivers for the past five years . In this most recent sermon , Mr. Graham's middle finger on the right hand is tucked down , as is his left , while both ring and little fingers are distinguishable . In my previous pictures and videos of these men making this same pose , the peculiar placement of both middle fingers is more easily seen . Ask a friend to point to his or her forehead with two fingers . Most people will use the pointer fingers to do that . But , TBN personalities make a common practice of making this odd pose . There is a reason for doing that .

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