Monday, February 24, 2014

" A death penalty for people who stray from the path " ...America's New Government Church

 On page 22 of 36 of " America's New Government Church " you are urged by the author to " help in the battle for Truth , Justice , and the American Way ! Fight the forces of censorship and suppression of the Talmud , and bring about understanding between peoples of different faiths . " This is Federalism's , ( the new communism 's ) , and Masonry's mantra . On this page the author notes the differences between the hopes of Christians and unbelieving Jews . He states at the top of the page ; " But the Jews know their kingdom is of this world . Talmud Law assumes authority over all mankind , not just those who agree with it ; Just as explorers in the New World lay claim to lands that are new to this world , and all its native proportions ....A kingdom of God in the here and now , based on the Talmud ."`
The United Nations' Alice Bailey mentioned Talmudism's superman often . Here are some of her quotes ;
" This is a fact which is nevertheless taken advantage of when a superman , or great adept , becomes the embodiment ( during a root-race ) of a principle ; " ( A Treatise on Cosmic Fire )
" ...and at their merging into three rays of Aspect ( the Activity Ray of the Mahochohan being the synthesizer of the lower four in our planetary scheme ) have a correspondence with the merging of man ( the product of the three kingdoms and the fourth ) into the superman kingdom , the spiritual . "  ( A Treatise on Cosmic Fire )

" The superman is with us . " ( A Treatise on White Magic )

" Yet the ideal of a superman is a true ideal , and it needs upholding before the world .... They respond to the idea of the general good , of human equality , of the superman , of universal trade requirements , of the distribution of wealth ... ." ( Esoteric Psychology )

" When the fifth initiation is taken , the interplay between the three centers is perfected , and the alignment of the bodies is geometrically rectified ; you have then perfected the fivefold superman ."
( Letters on Occult Meditation )

" It motivates and implements the Path , and it instructs man in the techniques of the coming superman and thus enables him to set his feet upon the Path of the higher evolution . " ( Alice Bailey's Autobiography -Chapter V ) ... note ; the author of America's New Government Church wants " a death penalty for people who stray from the path " i.e; Alice Bailey's Path...the Talmud's Path ...Federalism's Path...the antichrist's Path !

"And there are higher stages , greater stages , greater steps upon the Path , though belonging no longer to human evolution but to the development of the Superman . "  ( Alice Bailey )

In the Cabala's Triads of Sefiroth  superman is mentioned ; " In so far as the sefiroth are the earliest manifestations of God , they form an ideal world which bears no relation to the material world , and in this aspect they are termed either " primeval man " ( adham kadhmon ) or " superman " ( adham 'ilia ) , who is sometimes considered to be sefiroth collectively ..."

On the net under , " Superman / Jewish Virtual Library " it is stated that ; " Superman obeys the Talmudic injunction to do good for its own sake and heal the world where he can . Siegal and Shuster had created a mythic character who reflected their own Jewish values . " ( These two Jewish young men created the comicbook " Superman . ". It may seem peculiar that the Talmud is mentioned here , but that is understandable according to Jewish thought dominated by the Jewish Pharisees who still control Jewry to this day .

Larry Tye proclaimed that " part of the Superman mythology was inspired by no less than the Mishna and the Gemorrah , " ( the Talmud ) . He says also that ; " The three legs of the superman myth -truth , justice and the American way -are straight out of the Mishna . " There is subtle irony in that Superman's mother planet was " Krypton " ; one letter away from " Crypto-Jew " heard of long ago . Was this merely a subliminal coincidence ? Though Superman's creators may not have been versed in the Talmud , the Talmudic depth of study regarding the curve and creation of each Jewish letter can be staggering .

Jesus said , " I am the way , the truth and the , life " and that no man comes to the Father but by him . Those who love the Talmud have no truth in them . Talmudic justice is communism's " social justice " which mandates the Noahide death penalty for people who dare stray from their rabbinically cleared social path . Their American Way is Talmudic Masonry culminating in pure Talmudism , which is pure Satanism , which long ago subverted the church and controls it to this day . Politely challenge a pastor who gives evidence of accepting Masonry or major or minor heresies . As the Pharisees thrust out those who dare correctly Biblically challenge them , so will unreasonable men who say they love Christ do to you .

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