Saturday, February 1, 2014

O.K. , I Get It !

These separate shots of fairly well formed witches' pyramids , ( Kohan curses ) , were all made during a January 2014 aired program of James Merritt's " Touching Lives . " These are just some of them he made during one sermon , as were my Billy Graham individual witches' pyramid exposures of his own display of them during each single television sermon . Again , these are not paused frames , but pyramids made seconds and minutes apart . The rebuilding of the temple is the Masonic mantra  imbued into the psyches of unwary men deceived through Talmudic leadership . The pyramid represents witchcraft , but it seems Masons believe they will hasten the temple's rebuilding through the constant Kohan curse , which they believe to be a blessing . True and godly obedient Jews hated the pyramids and the witchcraft it represented . Dr. Merritt also displayed the same o.k. signal recently given by David Jeremiah . The Talmudically devised Masonic Lodge , touted by the United Nations , is merely one of Satan's most beloved puppets .

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