Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ron Rhodes' misinterpretation of the book of Revelation : Part 2

On his next visit with Jonathan Bernis at Jewish Voice , Bible expert Ron Rhodes says scripture seems to indicate that God is going to take his people off the planet before the antichrist is revealed , " so if you know who he is , you've been left behind . " He and the charismatic rabbi Bernis both believe in the unbiblical " pretribulation rapture " promoted by the occultist Tim LaHaye . If God takes Christians from planet earth just before his second coming , then the two witnesses and the 144,000 Jewish virgin males who are eventually killed for their faith in Christ , must have believed in a different Christ ! Of course that is absurd , and so are Mr. Rhodes " expert " revelations regarding the book of Revelation . In the previous program , this Bible " expert " stated the 144,000 were " not the church . " This man apparently needs to pray hard regarding this issue so that Jesus can rewrite the Bible . They are the only Christians on the planet , and they are Jews . There are no Gentiles , so the time of the Gentiles has ended , as it appears to be now , as evidenced by programs like Jewish Voice .

In Matthew 24:15 Jesus stated to his Jewish followers that they would  "see the abomination of desolation " spoken of by Daniel the prophet . Those who see that son of perdition will be the 144,000 plus two . Jesus told Christians who would believe in him at least 2,000 years later to flee Judaea into the mountains without delay , because " great tribulation , such as was not since the beginning of the world " would soon occur . Jesus said that the elect , ( the 144,000 ) , would be living then because he had said in Matthew 24:22 that he would shorten those days for their sakes . And he also said that false Christs and false prophets " showing great signs and wonders " would appear then too . The antichrist will kill three of the ten horns and he will change times and laws . None of those things has begun to happen yet , although the legalization of devilweed has hastened the world's open acceptance of witchcraft dramatically in my lifetime . Talmudism's provision for the enactment of Noahide laws and the promotion of Talmudism itself are other good indicators of the devil's continuing preparation for his personal arrival . Witchcraft is dominant in churches worldwide .

Mr. Rhodes says that during the antichrist's time there will be converts . But the Bible doesn't mention any other believers existing on this earth before Christ's arrival after the two witnesses and the 144,000 are killed . It is only the 144,000 virgin Jewish males and the two candlesticks who will not accept the mark of the beast that are Christians . It is only the 144,000 who reign with Christ on earth for 1000 years . Absolutely nobody else other than the 144,000 are resurrected to live with Christ yet according to Revelation 20:5 which states  " rest of the dead lived not again until the 1000 years were ended . "  Those  " dead "  are all the people who have ever lived except for Elijah and Enoch and Jesus . The Bible itself says that king David has not yet ascended into heaven . The church that preceded the 144,000 were Gentiles and Jews , but there is a falling away so drastic that no Gentiles or women accept the truth of Christ preached by the two witnesses .The last church existing before Christ's return is Christ's personal choice of 12,000 virgin Jewish males from each of the twelve Jewish tribes . That is clear in God's word . Those who have caused the corruption of the Bible have perpetuated the needless Biblical misunderstanding of that point .  

Mr. Rhodes also misinterprets Paul's own words , declaring that Paul was " supernaturally born out of time . " But Paul was born at just the time God had preordained him to have been born .

Jonathan Bernis states during their conversation that the book of Revelation is a book of " hope  ." Though the last chapter speaks of God's new heaven and new earth where sin no longer exists , the whole book is a book of trepidation and warning of God's impending judgment upon the whole earth , including his unfaithful unbelieving Jerusalem . Five of his churches are sternly warned . Death and misery for the Christian and non-Christian alike saturate this book , but Mr. Bernis seems to downplay that , calling it a book of " hope . " Neither of these two men stress the upcoming terror of God's impending judgment regarding Revelation , though they have probably articulated that before individually . This poor reference to the book of Revelation is typical of TBN seduction .

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