Saturday, February 1, 2014

Purposeful Pentagram

Satan's work has always been displayed through television . In this TBN children's program the pentagram could have been displayed with the single point up , and usually was long ago . In the show " The Rifleman ", obviously the pentagram in front is positioned differently than those behind . Television and art are supersaturated with Masonic and Talmudic signals and signs , from the Masonic " X " to the witches' pyramid , etc . And how many killings and murders has the average television viewer watched by the age of fifteen ? Perhaps hundreds .The Rifleman probably killed several dozen people himself . Those who control the television and radio airwaves did not , nor do they now , know Christ as their Saviour , so what do you expect ? Sin to the max . Witchcraft was always promoted on television and is preached from the pulpits today . Harris and Klebold's
use of killer videos was probably only icing on the cake . Television and radio are tools the devil uses to accomplish his brotherhood of corrupt man , so that he may eventually replace him with the United Nations' , communism's , Masonry's and Judaism's , " One New Man " , cultivated through the corrupt " brotherhood of man " .  In his book , " The Indestructible Jews " , Max Dimont is said to have stated that the Jews' mission is to usher in a " brotherhood of man . " That is the brotherhood the Pharisees wanted to see perpetuated . They are realizing that dream which will become a nightmare when their prayed for false son of David declares himself to be God upon the throne from which Jesus will reign for one thousand years , after he deposes the impostor . 

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