Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Masonry's most common sign

Television preachers have made millions of this same Masonic sign . This was in practice before television began . I just saw Dr. Merritt again recently , and finally decided to show a few of the examples of one of Masonry's alleged most common signs . This signal was , and still is , given so
often I thought it a waste of time to display it . Following are just a few of the other signs Dr. Merritt displayed recently .

I have yet to see Dr. Merritt use either just one or both of his middle fingers while pointing to his " temples " , as Billy Graham , David Jeremiah , Jack Graham and others have done , but the head point is used often , perhaps referring to the Masonic oath to help rebuild Jerusalem's temple , Masonry's most important mandate . Billy Graham's , " The Mummy's Ghost " signal is clear here also . 

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