Saturday, January 10, 2015

A False Bible

In his recent television presentation , " A Night of Celebration " in New York city , David Jeremiah promotes a Bible , as do many false teachers today . He promotes his new Daily Devotional and his Jeremiah Study Bible . Regarding Bible reading he says ; " the more you know , the more you know you don't know . " That is true for himself , but for Christians in whom the Holy Spirit dwells , the Bible continues to reveal its secrets . That is why I promote the old King James Bible with those priceless cross references . It's good Elizabeth and Zacharias didn't think the way he does , or the old testament prophets , or the disciples . And of course the book of Revelation was meant to continue to conceal Biblical secrets .

Dr. Jeremiah's new Study Bible is the occult rendering ; the New King James Version . Countless TBN preachers hold up New King James Bibles promoting their study . And even when a preacher commends the old King James Version he does not expect today's younger audience to obtain one or use it much . Christianity was long ago subverted by Kabbalists . Proof of that is overwhelming . Worldwide Masonry is the key .  

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