Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Going back on my word

A while ago I vowed that I would only place the purposely offensive middle finger affronts to God and man made by TBN personalities . But catching devil hands on Ishine and other children's programs made me contradict myself . I always passed Ishine up when channel surfing because it seemed innocent . Lord willing , I hope to post pics of Ishine's Robert Beeson forming Billy Graham's Mummy's Ghost . Ishine's Troy and Mr. Bridges constantly form devil hands , as do the kids . Mr. Bridges sets a good example by sticking his tongue out . This is done by many who say they exemplify Christ's example of holiness . And a pig is featured in every show on one of the kids counters . I reflect on Jonathan Bernis' promotion of the Return of the Kosher Pig . Why would Christians promote the pig viewed as Gentile heathen by the Jews . obviously it is very out of place . Everything painted and placed in sets has meaning for occultists . I recently watched Hal Lindsey with Paul Crouch back in the 1980's as both of them made witches' pyramids and Mr. Crouch formed a devil hand as they talked . I just catch things at odd times . I can't program myVCR . I never saw the movie the " Cross and the Switchblade " with Pat Boone . I just happened to be able to tape a few seconds of it when Pat Boone stands before an obviously painted " X " pattern of light . The Christian upright cross was not celebrated , but a Masonic type " X "  was . Jonathan Bernis still makes witches' pyramids as I  posted earlier . When I can I'll show the Masonic chessboard floor with the pentagram in the background , along with the easily discernible difference of Murray's obvious middle finger and first finger prior to it . I do this only to warn the unwary that the church today is absolutely false . And that is why I constantly suggest people obtain a King James Bible . Study the controversy surrounding its validity . The falsity of other versions will become clear if you really trust Christ .

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