Tuesday, January 13, 2015

An open apology to those I havn't responded to

Because I deem it paramount to expose Kabbalism in the church I hardly ever reply to those who email me . I have recently tried to respond to some of the YouTube commenters but can't get through . I spend five or more hours at a time in public libraries posting my blogs and YouTubes . I still must try to put on today those pics that I was able to put on my gmail , but are being blocked somehow from being uploaded to the blog . It is a fairly simple process that I have performed before , but will not work now . And I have never seen the pictures on my gmail oscillate up and down continuously so that I cannot load them , as I did today . When I try to put the cursor on the image I want it moves up and down as do the red lights on a railroad crossing gate . Odd things like this happen when I do this work on public library computers . Several library computer technicians tell me that in all their years of work they have never seen the problems I have encountered doing this . Whe loading a file on to a blog another file I did not want to be seen was loaded . That is strange , as was my phone showing a call from a friend with the name and number , but the friend , whom I can trust never called me at four o'clock in the morning as the time indicated .I view the change of things in my apartment as a threat . Subtle threats were made when I attempted to dissuade someone from becoming a Mason years ago . I have had a cell phone blocked before and just now my phone is being blocked again . Truly could be coincidental but , because I espouse a Biblical belief in Christ I am considered a terrorist . I promote obedience to the government as Paul did . Exposing Masonry is treason .

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