Tuesday, January 13, 2015

iShine door

Either somewhat ingenious work  representing a man with arms raised and funny head , or just a coincidence that a male figure can be seen better in their programs . Everything has symbolism in these sets , just like the out of place pig always on one of the counters at which the kids congregate . An odd rabbit ear triquetta , the bottom portion below his neck , and the other two portions pointing upward from his neck can be discerned . The neck is a skinny line , and the v-shaped chin of his head is odd . His arms point upward as in the charismatic goddess pose . His legs are as a man sitting on a horse . Arms and feet in this occult caricature are unnecessary . Outline it with a black marker . This is similar to David Jeremiah's Eye of Horus . In one of their episodes a girl practices witchcraft speed courtesies for others and nobody challenges her Wiccan helpfulness , though many are made aware of it . This program is strictly occult , as is all of TBN . 

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