Tuesday, January 20, 2015

More iShine shenanigans

These are fairly recent iShine shots . Mr. Bridges , ( with the superpower glasses ) , clearly keeps upright the middle finger and makes another common TBN Masonic pose on the left . Their Masonic chessboard floor on their " What Would You Do ? " scenario is similar to The Lads t..v. chessboard floor . The little boy surely was made to wear the occult cross as is pictured in the " Christian " cartoon at the bottom . I may have posted the same picture of Troy giving his devil hand given often by many of the iShine people . The blurry male silhouette with the open legs and upraised hands is similar to the strange male figure I posted earlier in their occult stained glass door with at least two triquettas in it . Everything in view in these esoteric Christian programs has meaning for occult " Christians. " The occult hexagonal pyramids are used by esoteric programs other than Ishine . The tip is purposely darkened to indicate the awaiting arrival of their " superman " . Rather than a heavenly dove on the female Ishine singer's necklace , witchcraft's black crow is portrayed . It seems as if half the girls in Ishine wear a ring on the middle finger . In the Jewish Talmudic period the groom placed the ring on the middle finger of his bride's hand . In some Sephardic Jewish communities the wedding ring was worn on the left middle finger . The ring is commonly worn on the middle finger by witches . TBN programs show an abundance of people proudly displaying their middle finger rings .

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