Saturday, January 10, 2015

Egads Lads !

For over five years or so I have loaded the Wiccan witch Kendra Vaughn Hovey's occult pose on blogs and on YouTube for the reason that is obvious here . I have posted pictures of most of TBN's Sunday morning WASPy preachers making this pose more than once . It is beyond irony that these preachers and this supposed " Christian " children television's " LAD "makes just a meaningless pose so similar to one used by a self proclaimed witch . I think it still might be easier to reach Kendra than TBN personalities who exhibit Kabbalistic gestures like this . Kendra , I know you were disappointed by your introduction to Christianity . But , the Christianity prevalent for the past several hundred years has been a perverted occultism . If you ever obtain a trustworthy King James Bible , read it alone and don't talk to anybody about Christ . His miracles are still talked about because he actually performed them . Only the incarnate God of heaven could have healed those people and raised the dead as he did . You will never find real peace until you trust him .

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