Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lads t.v. ( closet Masons ? )

The Lads seem to be subtly promoting Masonry as they meet secretly in a closet where a hat that bears close resemblance to Masonry's WXYZ Pigepn Masonic Cipher is in clear view . The hat , just to the right of the Lads' Mark , just happened to be in the closet . Though I had downloaded the WXYZ pic in my blog , " David Jeremiah blasphemy : Greg Laurie Playing in the Pigpen Cipher " the WXYZ picture , ( which closely resembles Greg Laurie's logo ), mysteriously disappeared a short while after that blog was published . Esoteric Christianity employs the use of circles , and obelisks , ( as in the case of the side of the milk carton ) , and the young lady's hand signal given by hundreds of TBN personalities . As have hundreds of TBN personalities , Murray too makes sure counting while pointing to the middle finger is clearly seen .  I tried again today to download a picture of Mark with his Masonic DeMolay insignia but couldn't do it from the same library I loaded these recent pictures on this and other blogs . Even the librarian computer specialist could not figure out why he could not load them as I had just recently . The process is very simple . The fleur de lis insignia is associated with DeMolay and the Boy Scouts . DeMolay allows homosexulas to lead young men . There are several cases of sexual assault regarding the DeMolay . Masonry is a demonic institution . 

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