Saturday, January 10, 2015

Old Billy Graham pose

Because I must wait for months to borrow an ipad from a public library I opted to post some middle finger TBN Tracfone shots I have kept for the last several months . One or two of these may be repeats , as Billy Graham's is , but most are in the last quarter or so of 2014 . Highlighting the middle finger is standard for TBN personalities . You will not see secular speakers highlight the middle finger and hold it for seconds as these people do .

 Have dozens more to upload ,and they are on my gmail and I have done this countless times before , but as I
attempt to load others the work seems to be blocked . This is no surprise . After returning from a 6o mile round trip to do this work in a library with good number of computers in a major city changes were made in my apartment . Nothing was broken but several things were changed around so that I would get a message . Other subtle threats have come . I am the sole proprietor and have never had a duplicate key , nor have I ever granted anyone access to my apartment while I am away . You should expect this when you are exposing the work of Kabbalists .  I'm surprised Billy Graham's picture remained .  Several of the other intended pictures were on here and even saved on the blog for a few minutes , but then they disappeared altogether . I went to another library and loaded them there . This is very basic and simple work I have done for years , but often it is blocked . The screen will move up and down as I attempt to load pictures so that I cannot load them . Then when I have loaded them they often cannot be transferred to a blog . Some entity is doing this , whether programmed or not . Had changes not been made in my apartment while I am gone for many hours doing this I would not draw that logical conclusion . Subtle threats continue . With no wife or children I see it as an obligation to those who believe in Christ or may come to believe in him , the Kabbalistic foundation of worldwide " Christian " ministry , particularly through the Trinity Broadcasting Network . The common Kabbalistic signs in both children and adult programs shout it , as do their heresies .

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