Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lads t.v.

  This quick middle finger by the Lads' Murray is easy to discern . This happens ina nanosecond , but because I have learned to be suspect of movements like this I rolled the tape back to this spot . In the first picture the first finger is extended .
In the next frame the middle finger is extended . This is TBN Kabbalism . It occurs constantly .
 Kabbalistic opposites floor and yellow pentagram in background . 2% milk as in low beer years ago . young girl ahd made witches' pyramid weeks before . Backgrounds in sets have always been suggestive and are not made arbitrarily . Much thought goes into them , as does the signalling .
 This lad just happens to make the same fingers to the temples gesture made by hundreds of other TBN folks . Just a coincidence .
 James Merritt recently made the same gesture . The time difference regarding these poses is irrelevant because they have been made on TBN for 41 years , and before that ,  probably thousands of years along with the occult oral law .
Many TBN characters wear a gold ring on the middle finger as this lad does . So do half the girls on Ishine KNECT it seems .

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