Monday, December 2, 2013

Another Wommack program with Barton's devil hand and Wommack's middle finger

In a previous blog regarding these two heretics , Andrew Wommack can be seen touching the table with his pointer finger as any normal person would do . He also points to the table with his middle finger . He was wearing a dark shirt then . These are separate instances of his touching the table with his middle finger again . Numerous TBN ministers have done this . David Barton's pose , though similar to that on a previous Wommack program , is yet another horned hand signal . Masons and witches are fairly adept at signaling . They are obviously not extremely concerned about being called on this . These Wiccan/Masonic signals are too obvious to be mistakes . TBN's background of promoting Masonry and mysticism is extensive . Glen Beck's Mormon Black Robe Regiment movement to awaken this nation's non-existent Biblical foundation is a fool's errand . The truth of Christ has been perverted by the TBN ministry for forty years with its Pentecostal foundation , as well as Pat Robertson's CBN ministry . Masonry and witchcraft have been added to the black cauldron of churches bubbling over doubly with trouble subverted through the work of Talmudists and communists long ago ; even after the death of the apostle Paul as he prophesied . At least the Lord is giving true Christians a heads up concerning the false church by allowing these false prophets to signal their comrades openly and shamelessly . You cannot be wholeheartedly be devoted to Christ and make these Wiccan signals . That is why when I give someone my own Biblical plan of salvation through a childlike faith in Christ , I give them a King James Bible and plead with them not to watch any television ministries and beware of false churches , which are practically all . I blog this material to attempt to pull some out of the fire . David Barton has reportedly refused to accept challenges of debate to defend his position , which seems to highly favor Masonry . He says he has criticized Masonry , but he is actually defending it . Any time he and his friends at TBN want to expose Masonry's machinations I will be more than willing to know about it . More than likely , that will never happen . But , should it , I would also expect to see a life exemplary of repentance .

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  1. Andrew wommacks statement of faith has a Catholic NWO slant on it. His biggest false teaching is the trinity. I followed Andrew for years until I learnt Acts 2:22 of by heart.
    He does get people born again, and makes them strong even though he has a few odd teachings