Friday, December 6, 2013

This is Billy Graham's El Diablo devil sign given at the Cow Palace in 1958

I have kept the whole sermon . Along with his witches ' pyramids , for which he is notorious , he made devil hands and goddess signs . David Jeremiah , Jack Graham , James Merritt and countless others such as Leon also shown here display the witches' low goddess sign . There are variations of the goddess sign , and some can be seen in my earlier blogs . If I get a good opportunity I will display examples of most of TBN's pseudo-Christian ministers displaying many of the various positions . Billy Graham was their idol . According to the internet he performed about 400 Crusades , ( odd name that aligns with Masonry ) , in 185 countries .
In each sermon I have viewed , he , as others today , displayed 10 to 20 Wiccan signs which had no correlation to the words he was saying . This yielded more than likely at least 4,000 or more brainwashing Wiccan signals to followers and non-followers . I found an old Jack Graham similar low goddess sign that Billy Graham made here . I have one of Leon doing the same with the old junior high school football goalpost formation that boys made when they played football with the triangularly shaped folded paper at lunch tables , but can't input it yet . It is similar to Mr. Graham's other low goddess sign I found in color . He made this one in Dallas Texas in 1971 I believe . I still have the sermon on tape . With his goalposts up , this ungodly worldly man of influence had a different goal in mind than that of Christ . I may have one or two more of Billy Graham's low goddess signs , ( football goalposts ) ,but will add them at the next opportunity . 

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