Monday, December 23, 2013

More of Mr. Graham's signals

 In a previous blog I mentioned I would try to send more photos taken from TBN ministers' sermons which indicate Masonic/demonic involvement . David Jeremiah was not coy about his several middle finger gestures pointing to his own temples . Those photos had been put on the net years ago . Billy Graham uses one pointer finger here in the light blue suit as he also points to his temples with just one middle finger .These men are adept at sending a plethora of signals through their sermons which are also perverted in that they pervert the word of God constantly by changing it or challenging it as authoritative , as Billy Graham has done . They know exactly what they are doing with each finger , as they can be seen contracting fingers purposely to send their desired images . I was not going to put these pictures on the net through my cheap Tracfone because I know the quality of the pictures is poor . I had borrowed a library Ipad for previous others and had hoped to do that with these . I cannot control the position of the pictures , but you can discern the enlargements associated with the proper photo . As Michael Rood quickly generated a middle finger rebuke to his audience , Mr. Graham is also fairly quick , but not in these pictures . Too many TBN ministers have made these middle finger signals for them to be mistakes .Their other innumerable signals confirm that . I have most of these sermons in their entirety . Others will have them too . Should I be challenged legally about this I would be more than happy to use them as substantial truth in my defense . I saw on the news this morning that several news reporters around the world have lost their lives getting news stories . I don't have the financial wherewithal to do it , but some courageous investigator could make a fascinating pictorial critique/book of Billy Graham alone regarding his sermon gestures . The investigator's life may be in jeopardy though . I have many more of his sermons to peruse looking for other signals Mr. Graham has made . I'm still looking for more like those above , and have culled many that are similar to his contemporaries ' signals . Billy Graham was their idol . He helped set the standards for transmission of ungodly images like this around the world as he preached another Christ , another gospel as a political/spiritual diplomat enabled by those in high government positions . Should anyone ever be convicted of sending inappropriate images , the FCC should look into the TBN ministry . But we all know that will never happen . I am just a reporter , exposing Biblical heresy as commanded by Christ . There is no malice toward these men , but , rather a love for the truth which Christ said he would make known to those who trust him . Though the blind will follow the blind , these men need to be exposed as rebellious Pharisees who love the praise of men more than the praise of God .   

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