Monday, December 2, 2013

Just a few more of James Merritt's recent Wiccan poses in 2013

 I include Kendra Vaughn Hovey's picture occasionally to reveal the striking similarity her Wiccan pose has to that of the TBN ministers I have focused on . For years David Jeremiah , Jack Graham , and many mainstream , ( supposedly ) , others have all made this odd configuration of hands folded across the chest under the throat often during their sermons . They have similarly configured the same witches' pyramid for years , as Mr. Merritt is seen doing in the first photo . They are either witches or Masons . Jesus said that he said nothing in secret . If these men have superior Biblical knowledge they should show it to the world from their housetops . Is that what they are signaling ?  Billy Graham and several other TBN ministers have made similar Masonic " X " signals , as James Merritt does here .

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