Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Communist infiltration has never stopped

I obtained these old hearings on library microfiche . Though this Paul Crouch could not have been the TBN founder , names like Rothschild and Crouch were found to be in lists of communist infiltrators . Should Paul Crouch have had no direct communist affiliation , he could have not done more for them to bolster Satan's plot to add finishing touches to America's Talmudic foundation . Her house is almost as desolate as Jerusalem's . Seven other spirits more wicked than the first have all but entered into each . This Paul Crouch's testimony of the enormous communist influence he had in America is almost as extensive as the legacy of the false gospel spread around the world by Jan and Paul Crouch
who lived in separate mansions as they devoured widows' houses and for pretense made long prayers . At my earliest convenience I will include some of his testimony in this blog .  

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