Thursday, December 19, 2013

The perfect gentile patsy

This December , 2013 TBN aired a program that gives a perfect example of the process of deceiving Christians in many ways . The winsome , nevertheless deceived , Dr. David C. Forbes , pastor of Columbus Christian Center , a heretical charismatic church , speaks with rabbi Tuly Weisz , an intelligent graduate of Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary whose four year program primarily focuses on " advanced Talmudic and halachic methodology " , which Christians all too well know is essentially saturated with hatred for Christ . Rabbi Weisz will not reveal this during this interview , but sincerely dedicated Talmudists are taught to hate Christ , yet maintain the social veneer of respecting him . Talmudic adepts know which students to cultivate and push to the next level . Elizabeth Dilling gave some good examples of the Talmudic hate for Christ decades ago . Again , Rabbi Weisz' study was " advanced " Talmudism according to information regarding his study on the internet .

During the interview , pastor Forbes says ; " We've got Christians and Jews coming together unlike never before . Pastors like myself sitting down with rabbis like yourself , and not in a stale ecumenical nature , but really a spirit-driven relationship . What do you see happening with that ? "

The rabbi responds ; " Praise the LORD " , but he cannot truly mean that , for he would have to reject publicly all he was taught about Talmudism which he later segways into the conversation , mentioning Maimonides and Rashi whom he surely would never condemn . These were two major contributors to the Talmud . The rabbi iterates that Jerusalem is the center of the world and the universe . Jews expect Jerusalem to be the world capitol some day , not because they believe the Bible , but because their own blind arrogance without Christ catalyzes them to continue to attempt to achieve that goal . The Bible foretells that the antichrist will rule the world from Jerusalem for three and one half years . The rabbi continues , saying there is a lot of " energy " in Jerusalem . The source of that " energy " is the Oral Talmud , ( akin to Alice Bailey's demonic reception ) , and the continuous written Talmud .

The rabbi says Jerusalem became  "desolate" , but he doesn't understand that that desolation is the Biblical spiritual desolation Jesus spoke of , knowing his own house of friends would cause him to be crucified because they envied him . He says Maimonides says Jerusalem was desolate . Often during his interview with Dr. Forbes the rabbi says " Praise the LORD " , but unless he has accepted Christ and renounced Talmudic teachings the LORD does not hear him , nor unconverted Jews nor Gentiles who pray at the Wailing Wall .

The misled pastor says that Jews and Christians serve the same God . Most Jews , ( as most Gentiles ) , have not accepted Christ , and the few that have , as in the case of Billy Graham's hollw presentation and follow through , often have been unconverted by rabbis they spoke with about their conversion , or , they are duped in false Messianic Jewish congregations .

The rabbi says there has long been " bad blood " between Christians and Jews . Unbelieving Jews , as unbelieving Gentiles , have brought upon themselves any badness that visits them . The rabbi says that we are all brothers . That is the United Nations interfaith agenda that he is following . He continues that we are now witnessing a reconciliation of Christians and Jews , and that Christians should love Jews with no strings attached . His inference here is that they need not be proselytized as he later clearly states . Neither Gentile nor Jew is my brother until he brings forth fruit meet for repentance and his life evidences Biblical faith in Christ . The pastor is oblivious to this major Biblical premise .

The rabbi says , " I would still tell my Christian friends to be patient with Jewish people , and to be open , and not to be forceful , and certainly not to try to proselytize the Jewish person . " I keep TBN programs in their entirety like this to enable people to see later I have correctly quoted them . Sometimes TBN deletes programs or portions of them that reveal blatant heresies . Proselytizing everyone is Christ's mandate to Christians . Their chances of hearing the true gospel in Israel via t.v or radio is slim . This rabbi wants to prohibit Jews from accepting Christ before they go to reside in Israel .

As bewitched pastor Forbes forms witchcraft's crossed hand goddess sign beneath his neck , he calls the rabbi a good Jewish saint and a brother . I included a picture of the well known witchcraft pose utilized by most TBN preachers below this critique .

A following segment with pastor Forbes includes pastor David Swaggerty of Columbus , Ohio , of Charisma Life Christian Ministries . Again , this is a charismatic church like pastor Forbes' . Pastor Swaggerty incorrectly states that all Israel shall be saved after the fulfilling of the Gentiles in Christ .
That lie has been perpetuated by unwitting preachers and Talmudists for centuries . Only a remnant who realize who Christ is after he has exacted Revelation's judgment upon Israel for their continuous rejection of him will be saved , after their 144,000 Jewish brothers and the two candlesticks are killed in Jerusalem . Men like pastor Swaggerty , (who also rejects proselytizing Jews ) , quote portions of the Bible to serve their own agenda . I'm not absolutely sure of his agenda , but men who suggest Jews not be proselytized by Christians have an agenda different from Christ's . But in the case of charismatics , perhaps it is best they not hear the perverted gospel they disseminate . Pastor Swaggerty says unbelieving Jews and Christians are brothers joined at the hip . That is not true ; " Neither because they are the seed of Abraham , are they all children : but in Isaac shall thy seed be called . "

Shortly after that lie , pastor Forbes says there was never really supposed to be a split between Christians and Jews . But unbelieving Jews decided that themselves two thousand years ago and before that when they did not trust and obey God .

Pastor Swaggerty lies again when he says , " But some place along the way , the church literally high-jacked , and uh , sad to say , in many ways persecuted the Jews that were our brothers ."  There have been many Jews in the 20th  century who actually believed in Christ , and true Christian pastors would never have rejected them or disrespected them . That statement is another lie perpetuated for centuries . Gentile Christians know the church sprang from Judaism and they also understand Paul's book of Hebrews in which he pours his heart out to the unbelieving Jews he became frustrated with attempting to proselytize them , being willing to die for them . Why would pastor Swaggerty , supposedly a Christian , also not want Christians to " proselyte " Jews as he said during this program ? And why does he promote the communist line that we must work together for the common good ? What common good ? This program is another sterling example of perverted Christianity , typical of TBN sponsorship .
These are a few of witchcraft's goddess poses that pastor Forbes makes during this program . Rabbi Weisz forms the same odd shape I have seen unbelieving Jews make before . When I typed on Google , " some of David Barton's witches' pyramids and horned hands " a black and white photo of Adolf Hitler making the same finger formation as rabbi Weisz came up on page 2 . If I knew how to cut and paste I would place it here . I have another black and white photo of Adolf Hitler making the same witch goddess position with crossed hands below the throat that pastor Forbes makes here also .
These are fascinating coincidences .

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