Friday, December 27, 2013

A few more Billy Graham's Mummy's Ghost witchcraft symbols

 Besides making probably thousands of witches' pyramids during his 400 or so crusades , Billy Graham made many of these demonic signals with thumbs as Satan's horns . Masons and witches will know the significance of this sign . Most of these are from different Billy Graham crusades , though he occasionally made more than one in some of his sermons . Most other WASP pastors have formed this same witchcraft signal . Each false teacher seemed to specialize in one or two major signals , but most performed many of the same witchcraft signals such as this one for many decades . Other than Billy Graham , each one has made the El Diablo devil sign numerous times . God is not directing them to do this . I included a few of Charles Stanley's devil signs I came across while editing Billy Graham tapes . You do not do this naturally . If I borrow another Ipad I may be able to get videos of many TBN pastors revealing that they purposely retract the inner fingers as they make this sign . Their intention to form it is obvious . Charles Stanley made the Mummy's Ghost prayer formation too . I thought I'd also add one of James Robison and his guest who made several of Satan's goalposts recently . As I mentioned previously , photos of these witchcraft signals made by TBN preachers can be endless . 

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  1. It is a sad and evil day. But praise God it will soon be over, and we who love Jesus truely, will be with him forever.