Saturday, December 14, 2013

Arthur Blessitt

Now that I have decided that enough pictures of mockery of Christ via TBN's cavalcade of false teachers through middle finger gestures , Wiccan god and goddess poses , witches' pyramids and other gestures , my t.v reception improves . I just happened to stumble on Arthur Blessitt yesterday when his guest , Dr. Chauncey Crandall , made this witches' pyramid and another witchcraft sign . It seems that there will be no end soon to these men promoting witchcraft and a false Christ . After more exposure perhaps , they may change them , until the demonic power driving them enables them to do the miracles that witches will do before Christ returns . I can't help but include a few more pics of Wiccan signs and the TBN backdrops which always highlight Wicca's love for the moon and triangles and pyramids . I only watched Mr. Blessitt once . Everyone on TBN often correctly quotes the Bible , but none of them rightly divides the word of truth . Their appeal is that they relate enough truth of the Bible to appear credible . Their platform of false tongues alone should dissuade any curious new believer from believing anything that is promoted by them . Both Mr. Blessitt and his guest  , Dr. Crandall , just happened to make the same Wiccan gesture I blogged about recently , " Billy Graham and the Mummy's Ghost . "  Those pictures are included here . Billy Graham and most TBN preachers have made this demonic gesture seen at the bottom of the page . Another friend of Mr. Blessitt makes the witches' pyramid shortly after Dr. Crandall , ( who raised the dead ) , makes his Wiccan salutes .

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