Friday, December 20, 2013

The Masonic art of misdirection

These are just a few of the TBN adult and children's programs in which people point to their head with both pointer fingers simultaneously . This is the practiced art of misdirection . It is done so often , ( and needlessly ), so that when pastors such as Billy Graham use the middle finger when pointing to his head , people may think little of it . TBN personalities use their hands constantly when speaking . I am in my sixties . I have watched people speak in person in seminars , public speaking of all formats , and televised speeches and talks . It used to be very rare for people to use their hands when speaking , but a faint meaningful gesture was occasionally made . TBN personalities are another breed altogether . They use their hands and strange and offensive finger formations endlessly . This is a form of brainwashing . Their gestures often have no correlation to the idea they are conveying . I believe I have seen every WASP preacher on TBN make this senseless finger gesture . Many others , including Billy Graham have also made this similar gesture using one or both middle fingers . David Jeremiah has made it more than once , not concealing it by including one of the pointer fingers at the same time . These men have made other odd gestures which I believe to be signals used in witchcraft . As I made it a point to reveal Billy Graham's extensive display of the witches' pyramid during his many decades of preaching , I hope to reveal other peculiar finger and hand gestures all well-known TBN preachers have made over the years . If I had  access to government technology of facial recognition and could preset the desired formats for the various positions I strongly suspect have been commonly used by TBN preachers , I could blog this fairly quickly . I am a plodder with no cable t.v., no remote , and cannot set my DVD player to record programs . Everything I have is falling apart . That's o.k. Maybe somebody else has revealed this information already . I have only a few hours of the use of a public library computer to do some investigation and slowly type in these blogs and correct them later . I do not go much out of my way to watch TBN programming anymore because the visual and rhetorical heresy is so offensive . But it is the only game in t.v. town and many people watch it . I am still urging people to bury Jesus' best translated words through the King James Bible in their hearts continually , and believe by faith that they are spirit and they are life and a good defense against the constant onslaught of heresy transmitted through the Trinity Broadcasting Network .

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