Thursday, December 12, 2013

David Jeremiah's and others' odd prayer position portrayed by John Carradine in the Mummy's Ghost

The mummy keeps the Masonic Lion's Paw position throughout the movie . Many TBN preachers touch their heart area constantly . The illegible description of the witchcraft " goddess " position above is ; " Also known as the Goddess Pose . Plant your feet firmly on the ground about shoulder width apart , then cross your arms over your chest with the palms of your hands resting on your collarbone . " Though I have not displayed it here , these are close examples of Wiccan poses used by most TBN preachers . I have numerous examples of one witch and many preachers making this pose on previous blogs . There is absolutely no justification for displaying these signs of witchcraft by those who say they know Christ .  

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