Monday, March 24, 2014

An Amud Yomi a day keeps the Saviour away

Daf Ha Yomi , Hebrew for " daily " ( folio ) , or , "page of the day " , enables the Talmud , ( the Oral Torah ) , to be read in a cycle of seven years . An Amud Yomi a day keeps the Saviour away for 15 to 21 years . The Oral Torah is nothing more than the same type of automatic writing written by Alice Bailey . It is Jewish mysticism that promotes hatred for Christ and his church . Its influence is being felt in China , but will be interpreted to the best advantage of Israel's Talmudists . Even those who study the Talmud have difficulty understanding it . That way , only the most adept can translate its mysterious dark sayings . It is odd that this book has not been considered hate material .

According to Judaism 101 : Torah 's " Other Writings " Moses had put coals in his mouth when he was a child to prove that he wasn't greedy . The Pharisees , old and new , hated Moses . The Kabbalah , upon which Masonry is based , and its Zohar are too difficult for anyone under the age of forty to understand unless they are well grounded in the basics the Talmudists say. Those basics are demonic writings which can be translated in whatever way the particular rabbi desires . The Zohar is called sacred and is important to masons as well as Jewish students . The Kabbalah has a relation to Tarot , yet more to Jewish mysticism and witchcraft .

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