Saturday, March 15, 2014

Brother Can You Paradigm ?

There was a movie titled , "  Brother Can You Spare A Dime " made about the American depression . Al Jolson sang that song . In his sermon , " The New Heaven and the New Earth " , David Jeremiah  says his lesson is what most moderns would call " a paradigm shift . " This is just another socialist term for propaganda .

Years ago it was reported that he had used the term " major paradigm shift " regarding his message , " The Manliness of Jesus "  in an e-mail . Mikhail Gorbachev , in his work , " A Call For New Values " used paradigm , as most communists do . He had stated ; " We need to find a paradigm that will integrate all the achievements of the human mind and human action , irrespective of which ideology or political movement can be credited with them . This paradigm can only be based on the common values that humankind has developed over many centuries . The search for a new paradigm  should be a search for a new synthesis for what is common to and unites people , countries , nations , rather than what divides them .... Further , we need to search for a new paradigm of development , based on those values and capable of leading us all toward a genuinely humanistic , or , more precisely , humanistic-ecological culture of living .

Dr. Jeremiah quotes Isaiah 66:22 which speaks of the new heavens and the new earth , and says that the verse of Isaiah 5 :17 mentioning that the former things shall not come to mind means that Christians in the new heaven will forget what we know about the earth today because it will be so beautiful . Surely God's revelation of beauty that has always been a part of him will awe us , but what we will forget will be all the sinful things we as Christians persisted to do until we became perfect as he intended us to be ,  ( by faith ) , on this earth . And we won't remember bad things that happened , and probably most good things too . Christ told us to forget those things that are behind while we live on this earth . How much more irrelevant will earth's memories be in the new heaven ?  He quotes Revelation 2:11's  " the first heaven and the first earth had passed away . " He quotes Revelation 2:15 in which God says he makes " all things new . " In his  " Part II . The Purification of the New Heaven and New Earth " he lies when he says ; " Almighty God is going to purify the earth . "  He says that " most people will be quite surprised to learn about this . " When I heard him say that I naturally braced myself for another of his major heresies . When liars like these reveal deep mysteries of the Bible that Christians have rejected for about two thousand years they use the brainwashing phrase " you may be surprised to learn that .. " , etc .

He quotes 2nd Peter 3:10-12 which states that " the heavens will pass away with a great noise ."  He quotes that " the elements will pass away with fervent heat " and that " both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up " . But these verses that have been accepted at face value so that children and slow of heart might understand them are not good enough for David Jeremiah to take literally as they are intended to be . In his " B. Interpretation " he states ; " Now what does the Bible  mean when it says that heaven and earth will pass away ? "  He has used the demonic ploy already of quoting the Bible . You can see the scripture twist coming . He says he used to believe the world would be annhialated but now he doesn't . This is the "surprise " that Christians never have accepted , nor ever will accept . He quotes 2nd Peter 3:10 again , using this heretical propaganda ;  "The word  burned up " does not appear that way in the early Greek manuscripts , and he uses the adulterated NIV , saying , it means " laid bare . "  He continues his lie , saying that the term " burned up " conveys the idea of being uncovered , laid open for exposure , and says that Peter was speaking about " purifying the Earth . " He says the word " new " is another key word in that passage , saying instead it means fresh . He quotes 2nd Peter 3:5 regarding the fact that God says that the heavens and the earth are reserved for fire until the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men . This suggests a scorched earth apparently for Dr. Jeremiah , but not an annhialated earth , as the Bible predicts . He says God's fire of judgment will not destroy the world .

Again , he employs the same brainwashing technique regarding Revelation 21 which says " the first heaven and the first earth had passed away " , by using his old ploy , " it may shock some of you and disappoint some of you " to hear his latest heresy . His focus on this verse is not regarding the fact that the Bible specifically states that heaven and earth will pass away , but that there is no more sea . He later says that Christ's work , besides man's salvation , was also to redeem " this entire creation from the effects of sin . " It is shortly after this that he states that his lesson is what most moderns would call " a paradigm shift . " He says " This earth is not going to be destroyed , but refreshed  ", and  that God will " fix the world . " This is the Tamudist dream and the Kabbalistic view of  "regaining unity with God , reentering Eden from which we were exiled . " He humbly states that he doesn't have all the answers , and that he can't figure it all out , yet he has openly and clearly challenged the proper Biblical understanding of God's disposal of all he had created ; creating , not recreating , a new heaven and new earth . In Revelation 20:11 " the earth and the heaven fled away " from God's face , " and there was found no place for them . Nebuchadnezzar's image became like the chaff of the summer threshing floor; and the wind carried them away , that no place was found for them . " I would appreciate Dr. Jeremiah's ability to point out the scripture verses that state that " the heaven and earth returned to their places after they fled away . "

I would not " pare " a dime for David Jeremiah's ministry which continues to blaspheme God , challenging the truth of his word , as I had noted in a previous blog in which I quoted this liar who stated that he " used to think that the sword of the Spirit was the Bible , but that's not it ."  And I cannot call him " brother . "  It is because of dailectical sermons like these that I titled my blog , " David Jeremiah blasphemy , neglecting to place a colon after his name .

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