Friday, March 28, 2014

Robert Welch's Unitarian Beliefs

Freemasonry's altruistic hopes were actually based upon communist expectations of a world of one faith and Messianic leadership . Masons  have always intimated that man has always had as " upward reach " , ultimately attaining true " Spirituality " by utilizing the workman's tools of morality and intellect . This demonic ploy has been accepted by Unitarians , communists , and the United Nations , which solicits prayers composed of triangles be offered to a mystical god who will some day reveal himself upon this earth . Nowhere in the Bible is there an intimation of man having an " upward reach " , espoused in Robert Welch's Blue Book . The opposite is true , as exemplified in Romans 5:11 and 18 in which God states ; " There is none that seeketh after God...There is no fear of God before their eyes . "  Mr. Welch challenges God by stating that man seeks after him . As a Unitarian Robert Welch denied Christ as part of the only triune God , as had president Jefferson . Masonry , communism and Unitarianism all hope for the Mason , Manly P. Hall's , " dream of the ages " to become a reality .

The John Birch Society has openly admitted that some of its staunchest menbers were Masons . It was once primarily run by a majority of Catholics , whom Protestant Christians consider heretics .
Ed Griffin , an articulate JBS member and spokesperson who created " Freedom Force International " , echoes Mr. Welch's " upward reach of mankind " powered by " reason " , ( unaided by Christ . ) He hopes his symbol of " solidarity " , ( which uncannily resembles the Egyptian Ankh cross , as well as the Eye of Horus  ) , will become the universal symbol of " the upward reach ."  It is hard for me to believe this man doesn't know that " solidarity " is a communist buzzword . Why would somebody who says he opposes communism use that term while opposing communism ?  Mr. Griffin's defense of Mr.Welch's blatant Darwinian beliefs were disconcerting . Mr. Griffin stated that Robert Welch's Darwinian beliefs were of minor consequence in comparison to the issue of freedom . Mr. Griffin's  lack of understanding the primary importance of freedom from sin made available by Christ through faith in his blood are obvious here . This freedom should be highlighted by an organization which appears to espouse Christian beliefs , but in essence does not . As does Masonry , the John Birch Society accepts those of all faiths to fight the battle of communism ; now a fool's errand .

 A Masonic mantra is ; " leave the world a better place than you found it . " Mr. Welch believed in evolution , and his capitalized references to God are reflective of Masonic influence . He lauded the heretic C.S. Lewis ', " some more direct magic " , ( ascribing witchcraft to Jesus as does the Talmud ) , in his book on page 141 . On page 142 he displayed his hatred for Southern Baptist Biblical dogma . ( Although I believe it is clear that Southern Baptists are controlled by Masonry , it is his suggestion that the gospel itself is " dogma  "is offensive . In his book he states his gratitude to " whatever God there was " and his " faith on which to build our new age " . Building " a new age " is a Masonic hope , and he promotes human brotherhood and ideals of men , ( not God . )  Again , I have been so busy that I have not looked at anything related to the Birch Society for many years . Perhaps they have changed . But their religious thrust has been empowered by Catholic , Mormon and Masonic influences easily discerned in their literature several years ago . Masonry , as I said before , has strong ties to Mormonism , which has strong ties with the occult .

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